Quick Reviews: Circa on Dupont, Zorba

It’s a lot harder for Terry and me to do our little dance when we’re traveling.

“What do you want?”
“I don’t know. What do you want?”

Since I’m the local here, he tends to rely on me for direction. However, when he’s the one familiar with the city (like when we went to Birmingham/Anniston/Atlanta in December, or when we’re in New York) I rely on him. That doesn’t make it any easier for us to decide, though! We saw a sign on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle for Zorba’s, which has the “best cheap lunch” in DC. Mmm. Gyros. Still, we walked around for a few more blocks, trying to decide if thats really what we wanted. We did, and it didn’t disappoint.

Someday soon I’ll do a review of Sebastian’s on the West Side, but for now let me say this: I really love Sebastian’s. Mrs. Sebastian, do not attack me the next time I come in, because I dearly adore you and Sebastian’s is my choice for gyros in Cincinnati. But Zorba’s? Wow. Best gyros I’ve ever had. The tzatziki was made with greek yogurt, and thick and delicious. The meat had crispy bits and tender bits, and the pita was soft and warm. Yum. And it was a great deal– with drinks, and a ton of food, around $20 total. Nice!

Circa on Dupont was our last real meal in the city. We had walked by a couple of times, looked at the menu, debated going in. What really struck us, however, is how good the brunch menu looked! I’m not a breakfast person (my morning meal usually consists of oatmeal and coffee) but man, do I like a good brunch.

Arugula and crab fritatta, fruit, and spicy potatoes. I am definitely copying this at home– fritattas are so easy, quick, and delicious!

Eggs benedict, fruit, and spicy potatoes. Those were really good potatoes, and the hollandaise was nice, too. Mmm. Hollandaise.

To drink, Terry got a Bloody Mary and I got an apple mimosa. I’m really not into tomato juice, and less into Bloody Marys– in fact, the sip I had of his was my first, can you believe it?– but I still don’t like savory beverages. The apple mimosa was OK; I should have gotten a regular mimosa.

I think I’ve covered all of the restaurants of note in our trip to DC– now, to plan the next trip!

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