Review: Afterwords, Washington, DC

The great thing about DC is you can always find somewhere with a noteworthy (or simply scandalous) history. Me, I go for the scandalous stuff. The mall we went to several times (Pentagon City Mall), as it was right outside the metro station closest to our hotel had a story: it was where Monica Lewinsky was first recorded talking to Linda Tripp. Terry made a special effort to get me to Kramerbooks, which is where Monica Lewinsky bought Bill Clinton a copy of Vox. Yeah, we like the seedy side. It’s far more interesting.

The cool thing about Kramerbooks is that there is a really, really good restaurant attached– Afterwords (ha!). I mean, really really good. And inexpensive! It would even be considered inexpensive in Cincinnati– our entrees were no more than $17 each, and once you see the pictures, you’ll know why we were so impressed. We actually ate there twice (after a failed attempt to go to Cafe Citron), it’s that good.

That drink is a Billary: soda, lime, and a sidecar of watermelon and pomegranate shots. Can’t have one without the other. Ha, ha. They also had a Client #9 (a white wine Spitzer!) and other drinks under the heading “Electile Dysfunction”– the inability to get excited about any candidate. Ha.

Terry ordered the crab cake plate. I ended up stealing bites of his pasta all night– it was smoky and creamy and rich and amazingly delicious.

$17! Can you believe it? That crab cake was huge and full of huge lumps of crab. It was amazing. The next time we went, he had scallops, which were also huge and sweet and perfectly cooked, and served with the rice timbale you’ll see in the next picture.

Yum yum yum. Perfectly cooked tuna, a rice, red pepper, cucumber, seaweed salad and caviar timbale, avocado and a ponzu dipping sauce. Heaven on a plate. $17. Seriously. Even at DC prices, it’s amazing. The next night, I had duck with a cherry sauce. Also really, really good and crispy and delicious.

If I had a hall of fame (which I should), this place should go into it. The surroundings are unpretentious, the service is casual but competent, and the food is fantastic and inexpensive. If you get to DC and are on a budget (or aren’t, and just want good food), I recommend Afterwords. I can’t wait to go back!

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  • I’ve been there, too. I read about the gigantic sundae they have (or had) so I went in one night after work and got it. The 4 women at the table next to me gasped when it came out. Imagine a 1-gal box of ice cream standing up on its side and smothered with, well, everything.

    King Midas, I think that’s what it was called. I didn’t eat ice cream for a month.

  • That was one detail I skipped– we skipped dessert there the first time, opting instead to go to Cosi for some S’mores. Mmm. S’mores. I don’t remember if we got dessert the second time. Hopefully, Terry will remember…

  • I used to live in DC and we’d go here all the time. I had the misfortune of living in the area during the Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinsky kerfuffle and it was a pain in the ass! But I still miss Kramerbooks …

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