Mini-Review: Tom’s Pot Pies

My colleague Donald over at Cincinnati Blog reviewed Tom’s Pot Pies a few months ago. It had floated in my mind ever since, but since I am so rarely downtown during the day, I’d never been able to try a pie. On Friday, however, I was stuck at home– literally. The city decided to put a big hole in the street right outside my garage with no real notice, so I worked from home. I did, however, end up catching lunch with a friend at the food court at Tower Place (wow, has that mall changed, but darn if it doesn’t have potential…).

On my way back from lunch, I spied Tom pulling out the chairs from lunch. I pulled out my iPod headphones and asked, “Can I have a card? I am so upset, I just ate lunch, but I’ve wanted to try your food and review it for a while!” I explained to him that Donald had reviewed it, and I wanted to, too. So he said, “Wait a second…” and presented me with a pie that had only been out of the oven for a half an hour.

Holy crap, was that walk back to my apartment torture. I had just eaten lunch, but I had to take a bite of of this pie. In fact, I took a bite before I took a picture.

This is simply the best damn pot pie I’ve ever had. The crust was thick and buttery and flaky. The sauce was perfect, with hints of cayenne and celery seed and big huge chunks of chicken. And all for $7? Wow. I ended up eating half, and accidentally left it out. Let’s just say the cats liked it too– I should have taken a picture of the aftermath.

I really wish Tom’s was open for late nights– apparently he used to go up and down Main Street selling his pies. I could totally go for this instead of the standard Asian or White Castles. If you’re downtown during the day, check them out! They’re located on Vine Street, past Universal Grille, and open between 11:30-2:30.

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2 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Tom’s Pot Pies”

  • i love tom’s pot pies! i harassed my coworkers for months until they agreed to go. the only problem was that after eating a giant delicious pot pie for lunch, we were like dying for a nap and could not do anything productive the rest of the day.

    fyi, tom’s pot pies (as well as the waffle guy’s waffles and zingerman’s brownies) can also be found at the coffee shop on madison in o’bryonville.

  • His pot pies are great. I won’t date myself but back in the day (oops just did) he would come to the village late at night and we would by them from him so we could eat them after close. At first we thought he was crazy… walking around selling pot pies… then we tried them… and they rocked!

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