Review: Jalapenos

This one will be sort of short, because only one thing really matters in it:

Do you see that? You’re looking at the best damn margarita in Cincinnati. Vudutu, this one’s for you: real fresh lime juice. You can taste the tequila. A hint of orange. There’s absolutely no bar mix involved. Good, good stuff, and had we had the opportunity (and didn’t have to both drive home and work the next day), we would have eaten chips and salsa and guacamole and drank those margaritas until, as Terry says, “they came out of our ears”.

The food itself was standard Mexican: the mole sauce on my enchiladas was good but not great, and Terry liked his chile relleno and his enchilada mole. It wasn’t anything to sing about (and I still prefer La Mexicana) but it wasn’t bad. The salsa was good and the chips warm, but I prefer the chips and salsa from Habanero. The nice thing about chips and salsa: the more margaritas you drink, the better they taste.

Jalapenos has two locations: one in Kenwood (near Half Price Books); that location has a club called Chocolate Tequila that focuses on desserts, which wasn’t open the night we were there and another location in Colerain.

The margaritas will keep us coming back– if we can grab a taxi.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Jalapenos”

  • I think Julie and Terry are on a Hispanic food kick. First Margaritas, then Habanero, and now Jalapenos! I am going to guess Javiers, Currito, and Nada are next?

  • We did Nada a couple of weeks ago! Javier’s doesn’t have a liquor license… but I’ll check into Currito.

  • Julie, I used to hang there a few years ago when I lived/worked in the area, the food went downhill and I stopped going, have not been back in a few years, I’ll have to try it again.

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