Review: Mr. Pig’s Rib Tips

Best food to follow a breakfast at Findlay Market (of liege waffles, of course)? Mr. Pig’s Rib Tips! Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me either, but Terry got a whiff of the rib tips smoking and couldn’t resist. I ended up with a bite, too. Or two.

I really ought to let Terry review this, as he’s the barbecue expert. He liked that the sauce, served mild, hot or half and half (which I guess averages out as medium?) really complimented the smoked pork, and wasn’t too sweet. It was tomato and Red Hot sauce based, instead. Me, I loved the smokiness of the meat, but the sauce wasn’t quite sweet enough. I really like the molasses-based sauces, and for less sweet I prefer mustard-based. It was great, and one $5 small rib tip was more than enough for two people. It came with a tiny container of vinegar and horseradish-based coleslaw and two pieces of cheap white bread (which is, of course, traditional and also makes a good napkin) and is sold out of the side of a building. Can’t get more authentic than that.

This is a great find at Findlay– I want to try their pulled pork, next.

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  • Umm..yeah, that picture is awesome. I could almost smell it through my screen. I think after the OTR 5K walk/run this Saturday I might head over to Findley Market for lunch…..

    FYI, I had to repost my comment, because there were WAY too many spelling errors! Julie, are you doing the CincyChic event tonight? I ride my bike with a group on Wednesday evenings, but I thought I might say hi before I left.

  • Hey, Cin Twin!

    I’m not– it’s actually been rescheduled for next week. I’ll definitely be there next week, at least for a bit, before I head to Fringe.

  • I just checked out the website for Fringe and emailed my hubby and said I wanted to check out a couple of shows! Any recommendations? We would probably go Friday night or Sunday night….

  • Watch for news, CinTwin– reviews will be posted starting tomorrow night. I’ll write my first review Thursday evening. 🙂

  • Mr. Pig….awesome. Beats Montgomery Inn and Burbanks (which is (was) really Flo and Eddie’s)hands down….with some Bounty towels.

  • Julie, I thought this might interest you! Could you blog about it?
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    Judging from the dearth of fine dining restaurants in the region, he’s not alone in that opinion. He and a couple of fellow social-gastronomes developed Cincinnati E.A.T.S. (Epicureans About Town Society), an organization geared toward young professionals who like to eat and talk at the same time.

    The premise is simple: Socialize while supporting Cincinnati’s great local, independent restaurants. Cincinnati E.A.T.S. will expose a new, younger clientele to the best restaurants in the region’s urban core via a discounted three-course, fixed-price meal every couple of months. The goal is to take over an entire restaurant on an “off” night (Monday-Wednesday) for a night of food, cocktails and socializing.

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