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Terry has been doing a show, so it’s been difficult to find time to spend together, much less time to go out and eat. When we realized that Sake Bomb was open late, we realized that we could easily do a late dinner there. This could quite possibly be part one of two installments of “Terry and Julie’s Late Night Dinner Adventures”.

First, I’d like to establish that I really like their raspberry martinis. They’re darn good. They’re also the cause of me totally forgetting the fact that we had dessert. In fact, I didn’t remember we had dessert until I looked at the pictures. Terry tells me it was good. I’ll take his word on it.

We started off with tempura: theirs is excellent, similar to Apsara’s, but with much larger shrimp. They serve it with ponzu (I think that ponzu must be a new, trendy flavor. It’s not new, per se, but it’s definitely trendy) and it has sweet potatoes in the veggie mix. I love tempura sweet potatoes.

We got two rolls: I had dinner already, so I just ate a couple of pieces. Dinner was at Lebanon Theater Company, and since I was there alone and carrying flowers, I figured they’d already think I was a little weird so I didn’t get around to taking pictures. Needless to say, if you have a chance to get to Lebanon for dinner theater, do. Anyway, back to the sushi: we got the Bearcat Roll, which involves eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes and the crunch munch roll, which involves eel sauce, spicy mayo, and shrimp. Both were excellent, and incredibly filling. They were also spicier than I’m used to– I tend to order “hotness” between 1-3. This was maybe a 5-7. Good thing I had those martinis!

And for dessert, tempura-battered matcha ice cream covered in chocolate and raspberry sauce and whipped cream. I vaguely remember eating some of the tempura. Terry assures me that it was good, a Japanese take on a Mexican-American treat (that isn’t actually fried, but we don’t really deal in technicalities here, do we?). He said he’d probably not order it again, as it wasn’t spectacular. Maybe a different flavor of ice cream?

I really wish that there were more restaurants open for late-night meals: right now, besides diners like Camp Washington Chili or Asian restaurants like Shanghai Mama’s and Sake Bomb, I can think of very few restaurants whose kitchens are open past midnight, or even 11 PM. Where do you go when you have the late-night munchies?

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