Mini Reviews: Terry’s Turf Club, Taste From Belgium

Such a busy weekend! Besides a cookout, my grandmother’s 80th birthday party, Summerfair and Fringe Festival, I’ve had virtually no time to eat! I do have a big Summit Room review coming out in the next day or so, but for now, these will have to tide you over:

Taste from Belgium: I ran into Jean-Francois at Fringe on Saturday (I hope you got to eventually see Anna!) and have great news: crepes are at Findlay Market! Currently, you can get them in caramel fleur de sel and lemon with lavender sugar. I tasted them both at Taste of Cincinnati, but I have to tell you: they’re much better at the Market. I think that most food suffers some loss of quality when produced for a festival. These were softer and less crisp, and incredibly delicious. I also hear, straight from Jean-Francois, that we should look for savory crepes– filled with cheeses and meats– to come to the Market sometime very soon. Yum!

And for your viewing pleasure:

After Summerfair, Terry and I were both over-sunned, a little tired and a lot hungry, so we ran to Terry’s Turf Club for some lunch. We hadn’t been there since our first review which was back in January! I am pleased to report that it might even be better. The fries were crisper, and the burger– yum. I got peanut sauce and goat cheese on mine, which was creamy and spicy and incredibly messy. I was debating which sauce to get, so Terry (restaurant owner, not boyfriend) sent out a plate with a bunch of sauces to try. The mango-jalapeno was really good, too.

And, because the Balboa’s debate got me hungry, I went to Penn Station for dinner last Wednesday. So it’s not authentic! I don’t care, it hit the spot:

10 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Terry’s Turf Club, Taste From Belgium”

  • YAY re: taste from belgium crepes. i am a huge crepe fan and i can’t wait to try them!

    i have to make it to terry’s turf club soon… that place is just popping up in conversations all over my life right now. the sauces sound amazing.

  • You absolutely do. My favorite is still the red wine and truffle, but man, the peanut with goat cheese was SO good. Mmmm.

  • I tried the crepe at the market over the weekend. I sampled the lavendar flavored one, and honestly I found it kind of an odd flavor. I had to go back and ask exactly what the flavor was since I found it so strange and one I couldn’t identify.

    I did pick up some smoked salmon from Just Cured which is a new product being sold at Luken’s.

    One of my top ten favorite foods comes from Penn Station. Anybody try there chocolate chip cookies? Dang.

  • I think if you’re not used to lavender as a flavor, lavender sugar might be a bit off-putting. Try the caramel next time!

    I like PS french fries. Chris over at Cogitatio and I had a discussion recently about how good they were. Fresh and cooked properly!

  • I did TTC last Friday, I think Terry is double dipping his fries now, at least it looked like it from the far end of the bar. I did not get a chance to talk to him much as they were packed, shades of the old Neon’s days when it took off. Prior to the PCC (Polly Campbell) curse it was a lot more fun, Terry was experimenting with all kinds of stuff, he would just bring something over and say try this. Liz try going at off hours or calling ahead to see how packed they are. You might want to go weeknights late, they have been having a jazz trio in.

  • Vudutu, going off hours (I think it was 3:30 PM, so late lunch/early dinner) was what allowed me to try a ton of the sauces. I only asked to try two, and he sent out a whole plateful.

    I agree, he must be double dipping the fries– much better. I noticed he took out the bowling machine to add more seating, too.

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