Mini Review: Thai Cafe

Ah, Clifton. My favorite neighborhood in the city (that isn’t downtown). Where else can you see an indie flick and then chow down on your favorite ethnic food? Within a few blocks, you can get pizza, Mediterranean, Indian (four or five times over), Thai, sushi– you name it.

A couple of Champagne Tuesdays ago, a few of my friends and I went to Thai Cafe after discovering that Kaldi’s kitchen now closes at 3 PM on weekdays– no more Tuesday Burger Madness! Sad.

Monika and I both ordered Thai dishes, while Lauren and Amy both got sushi. I have never eaten sushi there– I tend to go to sushi-focused restaurants for sushi– But both Lauren and Amy were really happy with their choices, which ranged from dragon rolls to eel, spicy to sweet.

Thai Express

Thai Express

Thai Express

Monika got tofu in coconut and yellow curry– not too spicy!

Thai Express

I got Pad Thai, level 1. I’m a wimp, I admit it. However, I do think that their pad thai is the best in the city– it’s a little sweet, but not too sweet, and definitely savory; the chicken (my choice) is never overdone (some restaurants turn it to either rubbery bits or mealy bits, neither of which is appetizing), nor is the egg. The noodles are well coated in sauce, but not overly greasy (typical) or too wet. The most important thing? It’s consistent. It is good every single time, from the service to the food– I have not had a bad meal there in all of the years I’ve been going there.

The prices are a little high compared to other fare directed at college kids in Clifton, but still very reasonable– my bill was right around $12 with a drink– a real steal, in my mind.

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7 thoughts on “Mini Review: Thai Cafe”

  • I appreciate it when Thai restaurants offer non-Thai food. I dislike Thai food and my boyfriend loves it. (I dislike coconut milk, peanuts in food, and other flavors used in Thai foods) I do eat vegetarian sushi though!! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • I agree that they have one of the best Pad Thai’s in the city… I love their house pad thai with both shrimp and chicken. The only one that rivals it is Wild Ginger!

  • Thai food is a food I have really been missing since my move out to Cinci… I’ve been to em all within 10 miles of my house. Not one is even close to “up to par”. This is another one though where i bet my rankings of what is good and yours will be totally different. I like traditional pad thai, aka, street vendor style, the kind I could find in dozens of local places in Boston, yet not a one around here. The closest I’ve found is lemon grass in hyde park, but its still of way lower quality than I came to be used to in Boston. I guess I’ll have to reserve good thai for travels out to see family.

    Frankly, Thai Cafe… meh, never been thrilled (but from my perspective, thats all of the thai in Cincinnati)

  • I actually liked the pad thai at the ‘nothing but noodles’ place in kenwood. The best I ever had was in Rhode Island at a place called ‘Galaxy’. It was in a dumpy ex fried fish restaurant.

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