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My friend Dave IMd me the other night. “Have you tried Taz?” he asked. “Nope. Where is it?” “Mason,” he replied. “And it’s better than Mythos.”

Mythos, as many of you know, is the gold standard when it comes to gyros for a lot of people in Cincinnati. Me, I’ve always been a loyal Sebastian’s fan, but as I have had gyros elsewhere, I’ve found theirs to be lacking: watery tzatziki, not a lot of meat, clear across town. I don’t think I’ve had Sebastian’s once since I moved to OTR.

For additional motivation, Dave added, “And they’re 7.50 with a drink and fries.” Sold!

Steve (who seems to be my at-work blog companion these days) and I headed over to Taz for lunch today. It’s on Mason-Montgomery Road, next to Pizza Tower and behind Frisch’s in an old Fazoli’s. The owners have redecorated the Fazoli’s with tapestries, sheer curtains and pillows to make it feel like you’re dining in the classic, storybook Sultan’s palace. Not bad for Mason.
Taz, Mason
We each got the same thing– Gyros Supreme with fries. The difference between the regular Gyros and the supreme is the addition of some feta. Honestly, there wasn’t enough feta on it to taste, so next time I’ll just go with regular Gyros.
Taz, Mason
This was the biggest Gyro I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely stuffed with meat, tomatoes, onions, and thick, creamy tzatziki– not watery at all. We could have easily split the gyro and been more than full. The meat was well seasoned, particularly good for what is probably the standard gyro meat and the bread was slightly crispy, warm, and delicious. The tomatoes were pretty fresh– sometimes they can be tasteless, but these were obviously in season. The fries were okay, the kind with the slightly crunchy coating. Not bad.
Taz, Mason
Their dinner menu is pretty impressive, too. I’d love to come here for a Lebanese/Greek feast (their menu borrows liberally from both cuisines). For $10, with tip, this place is a steal. Taz may have stolen my gyro heart.
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  • “Steve (who seems to be my at-work blog companion these days) and I headed over to Mythos for lunch today.”

    Don’t you mean Taz?

  • The Gyros at Mythos are not good at all. I wok right across the street from the main location, and have re-tried several times. Not good, not at all. Not sure how anyone could define their gyro as “gold standard”. There are at least two other spots downtown serving a better gyro, and that’s just downtown.

  • Hey, I only report what people tell me. I’ve had Mythos and I think they’re better than Sebastian’s. However, most people who I talk to rave and rave about them. Taz’s are far and away better.

  • The gyros are equal to superior to Sebastian’s. And for it to be on the northeast section of town, AWESOME!

    The gyros are packed and are larger than Sebastian’s. I picked up carryout one night a few months ago. The wait was numbing. They had the staff, but not organized in the kitchen. With that said, the food was tasty and worth it.

    (and if you shop at the Kroger in Deerfield Township, there is currently a Taz coupon on the back of the receipts for 15% off on a entree item)

  • Susannah, I think that using Mason as a locator (off of the Mason-Montgomery exit) is a good geographical description, since it’s just barely into Loveland.

    Have you eaten there? What did you think?

  • If it is deleted by me, it says “Comment Deleted by Administrator” or something like that. If I delete my own comment, it says “Comment deleted by author”. Susannah deleted her comment. I’ve never deleted a comment here (and don’t intend to).

    Back to gyros, anyone?

  • I am a fan of gyros. If it tastes like a gyro…I like it. TJ…are you from the Mediterranean? As in, are you qualified to judge what a gold standard is? Because if you arent, you are being a silly person.

  • Is this this place that the son of Sami Awad (Mejana) opened? I just to LOVE mejana and am so sad it left. They had this stuff called muhammara at mejana that was similar to baba ganouj but made with almonds and red peppers I believe. I was addicted. I wonder if its on the menu at Taz.

  • Getbackcincy, yes! Same guy who owned Mejana, from what I can tell. I’ll check the menu next time. I’m a sucker for almonds. 🙂

  • No silliness, bakes.

    One can eat two gyros and decide for one’s self which is better no matter where one has lived or visited. Particularly when there is a dramatic difference in quality.

  • As for the deleted comment, I didn’t edit before I posted, so I corrected a typo by deleting and then reposting my comment.

    As for eating there, I thought about going there before I read your review…I wasn’t sure what kind of food they served. However, since there doesn’t appear to be too much in the vegetarian way (I looked at their menu online), I will probably skip it.

  • Suz, they have falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, labna, ful, stuffed grape leaves, and a bunch of different salads– I’d say the vegetarian selection is pretty good.

  • Hello everyone.
    Please check out the new menu that just got updated. I have added more items to the menu.
    More veggie Entrees, Kibbe, and lots of other items. Sorry for not having muhamara for those who miss it, I will hopefully add that at some point.

    • Your going down bud. I am calling John Materese from Channel 9 about you and your crappy little eatery. Good luck. You messed with the wrong people.

  • This place is a real hole. Truth be told, their kitchen is gross. They employees and the owner himself smoke hookas in the back of the kitchen and there are Nic stains all over the food prep area. This is a serious health hazard. I know this because my roommate used to work there. Also, when she quit, Taz himself wrote her a bad payroll check for $770 and refused to pay her after we confronted him. This guy deserves the worst fate of a restaurant owner……..the shut down.

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