News: Top Cheftestant from Jag’s!

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October 10, 2008
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October 15, 2008

A big ol’ wine me, dine me shout out to Lauren Starling Hope, who is Chef Tournant at Jag’s Steak and Seafood in West Chester. She’s a cheftestant on Top Chef this season. I watch this show anyway, but hey, now I have a local to root for! I’ll be interested to hear her story unfold on the show.

I also need to try out Jag’s for more than just cocktails– I’ve heard great things. I just never get up to West Chester!

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been to Jags twice and had two disappointing experiences. So now, when we find ourselves in West Chester, Mesh is the restaurant of choice. It is consistently excellent.

  • Julie

    I like Mesh a lot– though I haven’t yet reviewed it officially– and like the Sturkeys’ style as a whole.

  • Toddy-O

    Didn’t the owners of Jags sell off their ownership of 20 Mile House. I’ve heard grumblings that the service and food were very sub-par.

  • 5chw4r7z

    I had to Google Chef Tournant to see what it was.
    Who knew all the dynamics going on in a kitchen?
    I always imagined some old lady named Marg back there screaming at people.

  • lauren

    I love Top Chef – it’s my favorite cooking show on TV. I know the situations are a little zany, but I love picking a favorite at the beginning of the season and then watching them progress…

    Anyway, I went to Jag’s during Restaurant Week and thought it was delicious. I definitely plan to go back.