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Burgers.  Terry likes them almost as much as steak.  Or sometimes more than steak, depending on his mood.  For example, he said last night that the first thing he craves after a Thanksgiving filled with traditional treats is a nice, juicy burger.  So we got one.  We didn’t go to Arthur’s, though.  That was a couple of weeks ago.

Whenever we talk about burgers in Cincinnati, people talk about three places:  Terry’s Turf Club (of which I am an evangelist), Quatman’s (which I haven’t reviewed yet) and Arthur’s.  Though Terry’s seems to get nearly unanimously good reviews, Quatman’s and Arthur’s get very mixed reviews– who knew burgers were so divisive? So, one Wednesday night, Terry decided he wanted to go to Arthur’s, finally, so we did.  It wasn’t a Burger Madness night– the Sunday through Tuesday special of burgers for $4.99 with unlimited toppings– but Terry got a burger anyway.

In addition to burgers, appetizers, entrees and salads, as well as daily specials are on the menu.  Terry ignored those and went straight to the burgers, ordering a classic burger with bacon, American cheese, onions, mustard, mayo, tomato, and lettuce.  The burger was fresh-tasting and juicy, the bacon crisp enough, and the toppings fresh.


Is it the best burger in town?  Probably not.  It’s no TTC– not quite as juicy, the fries are frozen and not fresh (and fries are an important part of the burger experience), the bread a little too thick and not as great as the Shadeau bread Terry (owner not boyfriend) uses.  I’ll have to try Quatman’s and the new Gordo’s to make sure.  It’s awfully hard being me.

I didn’t get a burger– I got the Barbecue Sandwich, that day’s special.  I knew it wasn’t real barbecue– more the crock-pot kind– but I wanted it anyway.  It was good, and accompanied well by the slighty sweet, slightly tart, slightly creamy coleslaw.


With their vast drink selection, beer on tap, and burger specials, we will definitely be back, even if it’s no TTC.

Any other burger suggestions?

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  • I like Zip’s, but my favorite place is TTC – always and forever. I like Arthur’s burgers, too, but they are almost consistenly overcooked and a little TOO greasy/juicy for my taste. And you’re right about the fries; not worth it.

    Whenever I’m at Arthur’s, I like to get their Fried Chicken Salad, but with buffalo sauce on the chicken and ranch dressing on the salad. Mmmm….

  • Arthur’s is a great place. Their burgers are amazing and their courtyard seating area is great too. I usually hit up Arthur’s for lunch and then stroll on over to the Graeter’s for some ice cream.

  • I love all 3 places but I have to admit the service at terry’s is so bad it almost makes me not want to go back…… Almost. Definitely try Quarmans I’ve been going there my whole life the burgers are great.

  • I’ve had burgers at all 3 and liked all 3, although I’ve eaten at Arthur’s many, many more times. I love Burger Madness, and we like to joke that their motto is “when in doubt, undercook” because my ‘medium’ burger is usually on the medium/medium rare side (I saw a note above from someone who had an overcooked one there, but my experiences in that area have been awesome).

    One important note though… burger madness cost is on the rise. It seemed like it was $5.50 for several years, and then in the last year or it’s gone $6.00, $6.50, and it might even be $7 now. Still a great burger deal, and I’ll keep going back, but it seems like there’s a new price everytime I go!

  • Sara, I forgot to post our Oakley Pub experience. Really good burgers– I had an ostrich burger– but the service was abysmal. We’ll try it again. 🙂

    Oh, wait. That was Habit’s. Gotta try Oakley Pub’s burgers!

  • The boursin burger at Arthur’s is really nice, but like others have said, they do tend to undercook their burgers.

    I liked Gordo’s when I went there, but the burgers can be a little unwieldy. I don’t understand why everyone in Cincy seems to laud Zip’s. It is ok, but it is just another burger to me…

  • Arthur’s used to be my favorite burger in Hyde Park, but now I really only go there for burger madness. I do wish they would upgrade the fries, i mean really, a potato cutter and fresh potatoes cannot be more expensive than frozen over the long haul.

    My new favorite Hyde Park burger is the Kobe burger at Tellers. Plus, Tellers beer selection is probably the best in that general vicinity if you are of the mind to try a beer you have maybe not tried.

  • Arthur’s was the first place I ever tried a burger with Boursin cheese, it was instantly my new favorite way to eat a burger. I was really sad when Arthur’s quit serving brunch on Sundays 🙁

  • I am looking forward to your Quatman’s review. I work about 3 minutes from there and it is a lunchtime favorite! Cheeseburger special on Thursday….yummy!

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