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Five GuysThis is the only time I’ve ever been tempted to do a review of… airport food. No kidding. However, we were at Dulles, waiting for a plane to take us home from our trip to Paris and it was delayed because of rain (I think). We had enough time to get dinner, and we saw a Five Guys.  Five Guys is a DC-based restaurant that is slowly expanding across the country, and I hear a rumor that locations will spring up in Cincinnati (there are already locations in Indianapolis and Columbus!) sometime very soon.

And welcome they will be.

I had heard about how awesome Five Guys was when we planned our DC trip last year.  I was incredibly surprised that, in four years of living in DC, Terry had never eaten there.  We agreed in the airport that this would just be a really belated DC review.  I sat and watched the bags while Terry ordered our meal.

Five GuysFive Guys does everything fresh– you can have any combinations of fifteen toppings for free on your burger.  Nothing is frozen (they don’t even have freezers on premises). Their fries are fresh cut (and they have big bags of potatoes in their entrance!).

The burgers are made out of fresh ground beef, and pretty juicy and delicious for a fast food burger.  There is a wait– much like Penn Station’s, but it’s pretty quick.  We got mayo, onion, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes on our burger, which wasDSCN1961 more than enough (with fries) to split.  I’d love to play around with the combinations– fried onions, yum!– but that will have to wait until I’m in Columbus or Indianapolis, or until one is built here.

The burger is juicy and well done, which is how they prefer to serve the burgers (and they won’t do it any other way).  Despite it being well, it was juicy as promised– so a win there.  The fries were thick-cut, but fried in peanut oil.  I like a thinner fry, but these were still pretty good.

I’d vote this as one of (if not the) best fast food hamburgers I’ve had.  A good, honest burger (as Terry would say), not fancy and that’s not a bad thing.  There are too many fast food restaurants that try to be too many things– and Five Guys focuses on three things: hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries.  For you vegetarians, they will do a “veggie burger” for you, but it’s really just a burger with all of their vegetable toppings on it (which I’m sure would be quite tasty) and their fries are vegan.  Their packaging is also pretty simple– aluminum foil, a cup for the fries, and brown paper bags.

Considering how disappointing airport food can be, if you’re hungry and traveling and see a Five Guys, you’ve found a place that will not disappoint.

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  • Okay – so now I know you liked it and that they might be opening in Cincy – OH PLEASE let it be in Hyde Park Plaza b/c I can walk there from my new house 🙂

  • so funny, i saw that same five guys at dulles back in august and i really wanted to try it but the line was too long and my layover was too short. i hope it comes here!

  • Better than average food choices at Dulles, I hit a BBQ place on a layover to SFO last month that was passable and 5 guys coming back, very good for fast food.

  • The first location will be on Calhoun street in clifton and then i believe crestview hills and then further up 75… The last that i heard the tenative opening date for the first location in the 2nd week in june. If you are seeking employment we are looking for fun energetic employees to join our team. Please email me with question and if I can not answer them I can direct you the the appropiate people.

  • After reading all the reviews, I was ready to try 5 Guys. I LOVE great burgers and all the reviews I read raved about the place. I was fairly disappointed on many levels. I tried the new location in Pleasant Hill, CA. The staff wasn’t as energetic as any of the IN n Out’s I’ve tried. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t seem very happy. The Burger was very good and they have a number of toppings to add. The Cajun fries I’d heard raved about tasted like french fries dusted in spices and I wouldn’t recommend them. I didn’t see an option for milk shakes which I love with burgers. The price was about 1/3 more for the equivelant meal from In N Out, on a par with Bill’s Place in San Francisco which is hands down better than either chain.

    All and all, I’ll give them one more try and chalk this up to growing pains. After that, if they don’t measure up, I’ll stick to In N Out for fast burgers.

  • I ate at a 5 Guys about 2 years ago and got so sick with a stomach virus and couldn’t eat anything for several days. It was terrible and not worth the effort to go back. Low and behold a few weeks ago I checked Yelp and there are reports of people getting sick in a recently opened 5 Guys location on Yelp and other user commenting sites. Its ridculous people pay almost twice as much to get a burger here and they can’t even cook the food right. 

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