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My friend Thurman says that the best thing about doing a show at the Monmouth is Pasquale’s.  I’d say it’s Pasquale’s, La Mexicana and Dixie Chili– who all have to be making a mint off of the cast of Hamlet, who all inevitably get hungry, and through the night, trickle to one of those three restaurants to eat.

Usually, Terry and I end up at Dixie Chili, but last night we got the craving for Pasquale’s.  I’ve had their pizza– it has a slightly doughy, yet cracker-like crust, plenty of cheese and not-sweet sauce.  It’s pretty decent.  They also do spaghetti, lasagna, all kinds of italian-style dishes.  My favorite, though?  The hoagies.  Why?  The bread!

The bread isn’t some elaborate artisan bread, but instead some competant Italian rolls, drenched in garlic butter (and, if you get a platter, stuffed with cheese!) and baked again in the pizza oven.  It’s greasy, garlicky, and really good.

That’s probably the reason I like their hoagies so much.  You get that garlicky bread, and lots of it, topped with cheese and all sorts of other good things.  Choices include the stromboli steak, a fish hoagie, a barbecue hoagie, meatball hoagies and a cheezeo hoagie, which is meatless.  Last night, Terry got the Stromboli Steak, with a rich mushroom sauce, cheese, pickles and onions.  It’s a nice, meaty sandwich.  I had the cheezeo hoagie, with tomato sauce, cheese, onions, and pickles.  It was cheesy, greasy and messy– perfect for right after rehearsal!

This is great late night food, which is appropriate, as they are open until 1 AM every day, 2 AM on weekends– and they deliver (in a reasonable distance).

Thurman, by the way, says he’ll report in with how he likes each of the hoagies.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Pasquale’s”

  • I LOVE Pasquales…a No. Kentucky original…and yes, the bread is oh-so-good and greasy. Love their small order of spaghetti and meatballs, which, incidentally, comes with your own order of….BREAD 🙂
    But, then, La Mexicana is my mainstay….too many good choices on their menu, and they offer ALL the meats–goat meat tacos are the best!

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