Shock and Foie
March 10, 2009
Cincinnati Restaurant Week
March 15, 2009

My Google blogroll isn’t working for some reason– am doing some troubleshooting, but I may have to switch to something else. Grr!

Lots and lots of posts coming… soon!

ETA: Ah. It’s a Google issue. ┬áMan, they’re not doing so well with the uptime lately, are they?


  1. Rose says:

    Wow! You changed your look! Pretty new stuff!

  2. TJ Jackson says:

    I liked the previous layout a lot better

    When you do put the blogroll up, if it could show the most recent update and be ordered by most recent to least recent update, that’d rock

  3. julie says:

    Google Reader’s blogroll doesn’t work quite like that… that’s a Blogger feature. I think this layout is far easier to read!

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