Review: Hi, Bombay!

What a cheery name, isn’t it?  “Hi, Bombay!  Give me some great Indian food!’

“Hi Bombay” is an Indian buffet in the area near Kings Automall on Fields Ertel in Mason.  It is probably the closest Indian food to my office, so if I have a craving for Indian, that’s where I head.  The buffet is, honestly, a tiny bit hit or miss.  If I go early in the day, it’s pretty good.  If I go later in the day, it’s a little spotty.

They have all of the standards:  good naan, raita, and tandoori chicken.  They have either palak paneer or saag paneer depending on the day.  They have a choice of several curries, a salad bar (mostly iceberg), and a dessert or two, usually mango pudding or kheer.

I would have gotten more pictures, but the owner was hovering.  They are very friendly and nice, and their raita is my favorite.  However, do go early in the day (noon, not 1:30 like I did) and you’ll be much happier.


Note: I have not tried them for dinner, but will sometime when I’m working late (and report back, of course!).

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5 thoughts on “Review: Hi, Bombay!”

  • I will try this now that you endorsed it. I’ve always been skeptical – the La Salsa that used to be there was a fam fav. But my office is right around the corner in Mason, too, & I have an 11:30 lunch so I’m sold!

  • I’m a devotee of Ambar and all its branches. Never had anything better….so I rarely try others.
    And when I see the Indian people agreeing w/me it gives me more reason not to stray!

  • Hi Bombay! is good for dinner. In fact, I like it much better for dinner than the lunch buffet. They are very friendly and the owner is very attentive. In fact, Hi Bombay! was the first Indian food experience that turned my BF onto Indian food. Before we ate there, he said he didn’t like Indian…now he loves it.

    I still prefer the Ambar family of restaurants, and am very happy that there are two within a short drive of the office…Kanak India in Montgomery, which is relatively new, and the one on Tylersville at Snider (can’t remember what that one is called.) They both feature a lunch buffet.

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