Review: Molly Malone’s

I used to love the Dubliner.  Great food, great atmosphere, great beer list and general good time.  I was sad when, a few years ago, they closed.  I had the same reaction to Jack Quinn’s closing in Covington.

I liked both restaurants because they reflected not only pseudo-Irish culture, but also real English specialties.  Curries, for example, are very popular in London and other parts of the UK because of the Indian influence.  I adored The Dubliner’s chicken tikka boxty, so when I saw it on the menu again at Molly Malone’s, I was excited to try it.

Molly Malone's chicken tikka boxty

Man, was I disappointed:  the potato pancake was tasteless, the sauce tasted jarred, with large chunks of overcooked chicken.  Sigh.  I have no good place to get a good curry boxty around here anymore.

Molly Malone's Fish and Chips

Terry got the fish and chips– and though the chips were unspectacular, the fish was good, in a nice crispy breading.  It’s not as good as Nicholson’s, but not bad.

Their beer list is great– go here for beer, fish and chips, and English football.  Just don’t get too adventurous.

(Also, if you head to the other Molly Malone’s location, check out the fact that everything is still emblazoned with the initials “JQ”.  I found this amusing when I was in their party room this weekend.)

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6 thoughts on “Review: Molly Malone’s”

  • Somehow I missed they had food, the few times I’ve been there with friends we’ve stood outside around the fire and drank.
    What is it about fires and drinking?

  • i also loved the dubliner. i really miss trivia night there, and the book group i had that met there, and the food. and the brunch. mmmm….

    i have not been to either molly malone’s. but i feel i will not love it as much.

  • You’re right, Nicholson’s food is better. So is the food at their sister restaurants, The Pubs in Crestview Hills and in Rookwood. Same with the Claddaugh’s food. My husband is british, and we always head for one of those when he’s homesick. Not to mention they have Scotch eggs and great whiskey too!

  • The cuisine at Molly Malone’s went immediately and seriously down-hill when their original head chef, Leighton Zimmey, left the establishment in July 2006. While they have kept several of the dishes he created on the menu, their current execution is far from what it used to be. And Elisha is correct–the Covington and Pleasant Ridge restaurants are entirely separate establishments.

  • Molly Malone’s in Covington & the Mollys in Pleasant Ridge are not associated, they are completely separate organizations. It’s confusing.

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