Review: Village Ice Cream Parlor, Lebanon

Is it wrong of me to love Lebanon, Ohio just for this little place?

An old fashioned ice cream shop, serving Hershey’s Ice Cream– it reminds me of Graeter’s in Western Hills (the tiny parlor that was behind McAlpin’s) when I was a kid– metal cups, heart-shaped wire chairs, little rickety tables, and kind older women serving up old-fashioned favorites like phosphates and lots of candy.

Lebanon Ice Cream Parlor

They’re actually famous for their sundaes– your choice of ice cream (I chose strawberry), a topping (I chose pineapple, feeling fruity that day, I guess), whipped cream, a cherry, and Spanish, skin-on peanuts.

Strawberry ice cream with pineapple topping, whipped cream, and spanish nuts

As modeled by my friend Tony, they also serve the sundaes with teeny tiny little spoons (adorable!), and the milkshakes, sodas and phosphates with larger ones. You can also get old fashioned flavors like nectar, which you can’t get at UDF or Ben and Jerry’s.

Big spoon, or little spoon?

This is such a cute, historic stop in a town that relies on its history for tourism– you can catch some dessert here after a lunch at The Golden Lamb, or in between antique shops, or after a show at the Lebanon Theater Company.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Village Ice Cream Parlor, Lebanon”

  • I love this place. Haven’t been in probably 17 years or so, but used to go all the time as a kid… They shot part of Harper Valley PTA here (and also Milk Money), and I was a huge fan of Barbara Eden’s back in the day… Reminds me I need to take a trip to Lebanon soon. Have been wanting to have lunch at the Golden Lamb. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • Last I checked you could still get a nectar soda at UDF. Please tell me they haven’t quit that. Also, Aglamesis has them, and Aglamesis is far superior in my opinion to that “other” ice cream place Cincinnatians gloat over.

  • Julie, I love that place! it’s one of the few places where you can get old time treats like an Egg Cream, a Phosphate or an authentic Ice Cream Soda. Living on the westside I’ve never been to Aglamesis, but I hear that they do authentic items like the above. I’ve had their ice cream before, and it’s fantastic by the way.

    Anybody else hungry now?

  • I love that place. Great place to take kids – and the lunches aren’t bad either. Pimento cheese sandwiches – where else can you get those?! But, for really good ice cream, I still have to give the nod to the hometown favorites. Hershey’s is just so-so.

    BTW- I believe Graeters still serves nectar sodas.

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