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I don’t think Graeter’s is the best ice cream in the city (I give that honor to Aglamesis), but it is excellent.  My favorite combo?  Black raspberry chip with bittersweet chocolate.  I don’t like their hot fudge– it’s far too thin– but the bittersweet is thick, rich, and not too sweet.  They DO do the best “chip” flavors I’ve ever had– with big chips of dark chocolate.

I also love their old-fashioned parlor concept– whether they’re actually old-fashioned (like Hyde Park) or simply emulating one (Kenwood and Mason, for example), it’s nice to go into a place that isn’t super-modern, and makes me feel a bit like I’m a kid again.

What’s your favorite Graeter’s combination?

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  • I would give my eyeteeth (what are those, anyway?) for a peppermint hot fudge sundae. Unfortunately, peppermint ice cream is one of Graeter’s seasonal flavors (c’mon… people love peppermint year round!!!), so I must suffer in silence until November.

    In the meantime, I’ll stick to double choc chip or black raspberry chip.

    And I agree with 5chw4r7z – I’ve had chips bigger than my middle finger. There’s one infamous time when my dad had more chocolate than ice cream. He put on an act like he suffered through it, but I think he enjoyed every minute of it (especially since my mom was so ticked the chunks didn’t make it to her serving)…

  • The Snyders Pretzel cones are AH-MAZING with the coconut chip ice cream- salty + sweet! Pumpkin flavor with the crust in the fall & Peppermint Stick around Christmas — I guess I’m a seasonal ice creamer. Funny thing is, I live around the corner from the Hyde Park location & in 3 years have hardly gone more than a handful of times…

  • I agree with your feelings about Graeter’s. While the ice cream flavor is very good indeed, it took me years (not being a native of Cincinnati) to understand the appeal of the huge, soft pieces of chocolate. I still prefer small, crunchy chips of chocolate in my ice cream, but I am fond of virtually every flavor of ice cream Graeter’s makes. I do love the Black Raspberry Chip, and enjoy the Butter Pecan (which I had to try once I heard Oprah loved it.) I have a friend who is crazy about the Turtle Sundae and actually lives close to a Graeter’s with a drive-through window in Northern KY. Lucky.

  • I, too prefer Aglamesis….talk about old fashioned parlor! And their ice cream and opera creams are far superior.

    However, I do love Graeter’s cinnamon (seasonal Thanksgiving thru Christmas)ice cream. It’s FABULOUS on my homemade Gennessee Valley Apple Pie.

    I also like Strawberry chip (June or July, usually), Mocha Chip and Mint Chip. Justin always, always gets Mocha Chip with chocolate jimmies. He grew up 2 blocks from the Graeters in Hyde Park, and even though we live near the one on Buttermilk Pike in NKY, we still go to Hyde Park!

  • My favorite combination is raspberry + lemon sorbet when available and then caramel + marshmallow topping when I can’t have sorbet. Also, I’m not really into the Graeter’s chip ice creams because the chips are way too big! I like an ice cream with more subtle chips than huge chunks. Madisono’s Gelato has excellent chip consistency.

  • I have never had Aglamesis ice cream ( but years ago had their dark chocolate covered pretzels! Great)

    I rarely eat Graeter’s as it is too rich, but my fave flavor is Mocha Chocolate Chip, then Chocolate Chip. Never had their other flavors. The first time I had the Chocolate Chip in the 70’s, it was like the maker got tired of breaking up the chocolate and threw in big chunks. Then I read that was the process and it was meant to be that way.

    The Pretzel cone sounds like a good combo. In recent years I might get a pint of Graeter’s from Kroger a few times a year, as it is handy for me living in Fairfield area.

    FYI, dark chocolate candy + small pretzels = great snack.

  • coconut chip. a million times over. minus the pretzel cone mentioned by rb, as i think they are yucky.

    and i love eggnog, even though it is supposedly discontinued as a seasonal flavor.

  • When it is Pumpkin Ice cream you’ll have to try my wife’s favorite combo, Pumpkin with bitterweet. Sounds weird, tastes fabulous.

    I was so happy when they made Coconut Chip a year round flavor, though I had already learned to head to KY franchises for that flavor year round. They also started the Coconut Chocolate Almond Fudge flavor…

  • I love pumpkin with bittersweet! I also love plain coconut with bittersweet– tastes like a Mounds bar. I also LOVE bittersweet with peppermint stick.

    I obviously just have a thing for bittersweet.

  • i agree with you about aglemesis. i prefer it, but don’t get to eat there as often as i’d like. their sundaes are much better than graeters.

    however, i won’t turn down graeters. plus, i think it’s pretty cool we have a few local ice cream chains that most other cities this size don’t have.

  • OK, I guess someone needs to take me to Aglamesis’, because until I taste it, I will never be convinced there is anything better than Graeters!

    I’m pretty simple with my ice cream choices: I almost always get their Chocolate Chip–with the HUGE chunks of bittersweet chocolate, which is absolutely the best part! I do like their Butter Pecan and their Cinnamon, too. My boys prefer their Cookie Dough and their Mint Chocolate Chip.

    And when I’m feeling really decadent, a bittersweet sundae at Graeter’s is fantastic!

  • Banana Chocolate Chip…it was seasonal last summer, I hope it returns this summer. After reading these comments, I can’t wait to try Coconut too. Algamesis is defintely superior.

  • I am really happy for Rich and the Grater’s expansion, I know he has been working on that for a long time. I don’t do much sugar but when I do it’s Mint Chocolate Chip and Moca Chip, I like Aglamesis also and The Sweet Tooth in Covington is worth a stop. I think a good bench mark is vanilla, I would like to gather some of all three and taste test.

  • My absolute favorite is the coconut chip. It used to be a seasonal flavor and was only available in January. I always treated myself to a pint for my January birthday…but funnily enough, ever since they made it a regular flavor, I haven’t done that. However, the huge chunks of dark chocolate are the best. I also love the plain coconut with the bittersweet chocolate. I think I may need to visit Graeter’s this afternoon.

  • My new favorite flavor is the blueberry pie. The crust pieces are sweet, with a teeny bit of salt. The blueberries are so juicy still, even though they’re frozen. And it’s all mixed into delicious vanilla…

    My favorite seasonal flavor has to be the peach. I can’t wait for July and August when I can get a nectar soda (another favorite) with peach ice cream instead of the traditional vanilla. YUM!~

  • Summer seasonal fave = chocolate brownie

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had anything SO delicious!

    Graeters only disappoints me in that they do not do cake cones.

  • aglamesis kicks grater’s booty. compare the ingredients. all natural for aglamesis and not so much for graeters. what the heck is guar gum? try it…you’ll not go back.

    • Guar gum is a derivative of a bean’s husk, and is used as a thickener. I’m with you, though, I prefer ice cream whose ingredients run along the lines of “Cream, sugar, vanilla, strawberries” or similar. I do know Graeter’s is testing mint chocolate chip without the green food coloring– a step in the right direction.

  • Ok ok ok… after everyone RAVED about the deliciousness that is the bittersweet sauce I had to try it. Two of my best girlfriends just moved by me & since we live off HPSq we decided to stroll there the other night. Julie, your photo is nice. You had a good scooper. My guy DRENCHED my 1 scoop with bittersweet! Yes, it was yummy but it overwhelmed the ice cream- I couldn’t even tell what flavor it was! It was like a volcanic erruption in the little cup. I’ll try it again, but I’ll ask them to go light on the sauce. Thanks for getting me to try something I may not have otherwise, as I am not much of a chocolate lover!

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