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Michelle and I really don’t get out enough together.  When I had a Friday afternoon free, we met up at Tino Vino for a couple of glasses of wine, food, and lots of giggling (that’s kind of what we do).

Tino Vino is a winery started by a bunch of girlfriends (who are like us, Michelle says): Lindsey Valentino (Tino Vino, get it?) and her friends Annie McManis, Michelle Banks and Jennifer Fairbanks started Tino Vino to bring their love of wine to other groups of girlfriends.  Their specialty is wine parties:  you come in with your friends and blend our own wine (according to a tested recipe!) and later on you can come back and bottle it, and have your own, customizable wine.  It’s a pretty neat concept– and their wine is good too!

I’ll let Michelle tell you more about the wine– which I enjoyed very much.  I got a muscat, which was fruity, but not too sweet, and a glass of Riesling (I think).  I was comforted, after a lunchless afternoon, to find that they also did appetizers.  Caprese salad, cheese, and other “munchies” are on the menu– we chose bread with a couple of kinds of dipping sauces, and spinach-artichoke dip.  To be honest, this place isn’t about the appetizers– which are all good, but not spectacular– but about the wine, the friendship, and camaraderie.  We had a great time tasting wine, gabbing, and munching.

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  • We went for a quick tasting when my wino aunt was in town from Chicago; the wine was nice considering it’s so young. We plan to go back & possibly make some for a fun girls day.

  • Michelle Banks and Lindsey Valentino’s husband Steve have stolen millions of dollars from local area condo associations that their company ORP managed. They are under investigation by the feds for fraud, embezzlement and theft. Please search ORP in Cincinnati and read all about it for yourself.

    Do you really want THESE PEOPLE to have access to YOUR credit card info???? Protect yourself and do not put any more money in the pockets of these thieves. Boycott Tino Vino and the thieves that own it.

  • Michelle Banks and Lindsay Valentino have not been owners of Tino Vino for months before the ORP Scandal, and charges have yet to be filed on anyone for anything by the way. Steve Valentino has NEVER been an owner. Please know your facts before posting reccomendations to boycott, it makes you sound foolish to others. Tino Vino is a wonderful, SEPERATE business.

    • Tino Vino was and still is owned by Michelle Banks and Lindsay Valentino. Steve Valentino is Lindsay’s husband and a partner in crime as well as business with Michelle and Lindsay.
      Tino Vino is now closed. They left owing vendors and customers thousands of dollars. It was reported all over the local news. Another case of fraud by the despicable con artists.
      Shame on them for their criminal acts and shame on you for defending them. You need to get YOUR facts straight.

      • It’s true- in fact, Lindsay just published an open letter saying that she owns 85% of Tino Vino and that Michelle Banks had just recently signed her ownership rights over to her. It makes me wonder who “know your facts” is and why they are so incredibly wrong…

  • A third local condominium association has filed a lawsuit against ORP Realty Management, alleging that the Avondale-based firm stole funds from its reserve bank account that could amount to more than $500,000.

    The Lakewood Condominium Association in West Chester says ORP and its owners Steven Sykes Valentino and Michelle Banks began taking funds from the association’s reserve account as early as 2005, according to the lawsuit filed last Friday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.

    The group claims that ORP lied this year when it said that more than $217,000 of the association’s funds was being held at Park National Bank in the form of certificates of deposit. The CDs were actually withdrawn in January of 2006, according to the lawsuit.

  • Tino Vino are a bunch of theives!!!!! I talked to them about 3 weeks ago about my wine (which is paid for) and they said it would be another 3 weeks. When I called, they are out of business!!!! I WANT MY MONEY OR MY WINE!!!!!!

  • A thief at one business is probably a thief at another business, especially if they are owners of both. If you did any business at Tino Vino, you better closely monitor your credit card statement/bank statement for any fraudulent activity. Michelle Banks fraudulently took money (along with her business partner Steve Valentino/Steve Sykes) from bank accounts that she had control over. If you paid for wine and did not receive it, I highly suggest contacting the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, since Tino Vino was shut down because of illegal activity (embezzlement). You can join the list of creditors who will never receive your money from them, but at least you can help add to their federal jail sentence (hopefully).

  • I did a little internet searching and found out that they supposedly live at ADDRESS REDACTED. DO NOT be stupid by acting like Steve and do anything illegal. Knock on the door first and see if he actually does live there. If he does, then you can politely ask for your refund.

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