In the interest of full disclosure…

Since I try to be transparent and honest, I figure I would let you folks be the first to know…

I am now working with Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment as a consultant on some marketing and copy writing projects. And who says blogging has no ROI?

What this means:

I can’t really review JRCE restaurants anymore, as awesome as I think they are (and I think I’ve said that in the past). It’s a huge conflict of interest, considering I have a business relationship with them. I pride myself on being pretty transparent, and now that it’s official, I can tell you all.

I’ll still post about appropriate news goings-on (like the $2 million deal at Bootsy’s) and may talk about food I’ve tried, but nothing official– as I’ll be meeting the staff of nearly all of the JRCE restaurants at some point (I got to hang out with Bootsy yesterday, so cool!).

Oh, and also, yes, I’m keeping my day job– gotta love that the restaurant biz hours are after corporate hours.  Keeps me out of trouble. 🙂

11 thoughts on “In the interest of full disclosure…”

  • Then you just missed me, as I worked at Carlo & Johnny my second half of college until March. Congrats on the new gig, some super cool people to work with in the company 🙂

  • So does this mean you don’t want me to hold the job of Head Usher of Seat Gum Removal at CineHell for you? I mean, you interviewed well for it and we don’t hire just anyone! :-D!

    Congrats on the (better) gig!

  • good luck. While Bootsy’s has been great, and I have really enjoyed our dinners there (including New Year’s Eve), someone needs to let them know that their lunch is a disaster. I’ve tried it twice, three weeks apart, and the level of service has been abysmal. Like amateur hour..or, shall I say, “hours.” Bawe was working the first time and it was a mess, no different today in his absence. They seem woefully understaffed, the food takes too long and comes out ill-timed…too long to take orders.

    In a downtown climate, there are certain expectations of lunch service. Quick drink orders, back quickly to take the food orders, get it fired and expedited to the table. 90+ minute lunches are no good unless you’re imbibing (we were not).

    just my humble opinion.

  • Be sure to call me when they decide they need a consumer taste testing group for waygu and/or prime dry aged steaks

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