Jean-Robert de Cavel to open new restaurant downtown.

It’s about time.

After Pigall’s closed in February, I can’t tell you how many comments and emails I’ve gotten asking me what Jean-Robert was going to do next. First, of course, there was the MCI partnership. Then, there was the Northside Can Factory rumor. Then, there was his partnership with the CSO. Now? His new restaurant, opening in the old Buddakhan space. Buddakhan was located near the Garfield area– an area that seems to be growing, but is in need of a few more restaurants that are open in the evening.  Jean-Robert’s Table is using the Buddakhan space with apparently few changes, to allow him to focus on the food (and open quickly– Dec 1 is his target date).  With the prices quoted (an average check of $30?), this seems like a great move in a down economy– a good price point.  I’ll be interested in seeing his interpretations of French bistro classics (sounds a bit like JeanRo, but with a lower price point) and to see how this restaurant affects the area surrounding it– with some luck, it will encourage more places to stay open later in the area.

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  • My understanding from an impeccable source is that Jean-Robert was threatened with legal action after the “divorce” if he were to open a new restaurant or partner in one within several months of the split. This may or may not be true – like I said, my source is golden – but it would explain the delay.

  • It’s called a non-compete clause, and it’s hardly a secret that Wade had JR sign a 1 year non-compete agreement when they formed their partnership.

  • Interesting, JR is moving into, if I am not mistaken, the space that the local food pioneer, now rock and roll chef, Bruce French hit his stride in, Bistro on Vine. Bruce is the first person to get me seriously into food. Any one else old enough to remember Bruce’s food? Last I heard Bruce was still based in Telluride and touring. Perhaps Bruce can stop in and bless the opening.

    This is interesting, this was not available online the last time I googled Bruce, a present from the Google Books project, a 1988 Cincinnati magazine article. It also mentions Mullanes, the ads and prices are interesting also.

    Another Google books gift a 1993 a Larry Nager Cincinnati magazine article on Bruce’s touring with Bruce Springstein, pink Floyd, U2, the Stones and others.

    Mo Bruce

  • This is the news that is making Martin Wade shake in his boots just a bit. Time to find out what wins: talent or money. My bet is talent.

    I CAN’T WAIT to eat here. I almost feel sorry for him, he’s going to be slammed with people with high expectations!!

    How is the new pigall’s doing? Anyone know??

  • Yes, this space was once Bistro on Vine…hot back in the (what) late 80’s? I wasn’t around, but Brian at City Cellars gave us the lowdown about Bruce the other night over a few Dogfish heads. Brian was a part owner at the Bistro…and yes, Bruce is still doing the high end R&R catering. The Stones actually ate at the Bistro when it was in vogue.

  • I worked with Bruce French. Wonderful man, talented chef. He is currently on tour with U2. His career as a rock ‘n roll chef began after The Rolling Stones dined several times at Bistro on Vine while here during the Steel Wheels tour, and liked the food so much they snapped him up. Since then he’s been on the road with Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Def Leppard, and more. He was also featured in the film THE THIRD WAVE, which documents his efforts to help rebuild the village of Peraliya, devastated by the 2004 tsunami.

    He’ll be back this way in the spring, and J-RdeC is keen for him to visit Table.

  • CaseyC and dc, good to hear your input, yea Bruce can cook. remember his rabbit dishes and the Cocos house salad? Do you recall when he worked the Teak space in Mt Adams, what was it called then, I remember him rock climbing on the walls after hours. We all hung at the Chapter 13, City View and the Blind Lemon back then and rocked to the Modulators.

    dc, did not know about the movie thanks for the link, I was very touched by Bruce’s efforts and supported his work in Peraliya.

    What say we all get together on JRs opening and bless the Bistro space, got to be good karma, I wish all the best for Jean-Robert and Annette on the new venture.

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