NuVo to reopen in Covington

Ah, I love Twitter– I hear the best news!

NuVo is planning, according to its website, to reopen in April in Covington. Can’t wait to see what will be on the menu, and always great to welcome a restaurant back.

  • mark

    York Street is in Newport, KY

  • john

    York street is their old address. I’m wiling to bet they will open either near Mainstrasse or on Greenup near Chalk.

  • Dave

    I was disappointed that I never made it to NuVo and am glad to hear this news! Covington has some great spots for food and this will definitely be a welcome addition. There isn’t much room on Greenup for a new place, but there is a vacant spot on Madison where Rima’s was. I wonder if they are going there?

  • Steve

    I was a huge fan of Nuvo and am glad to hear this news. I will have to say though although still very good, I thought the quality took a small hit when one of the two founding chefs left. I hope they can reopen and get back to that point where every time i went,at least one item just completely blew me away.

  • ViVi

    Holy crap – this is great news. I wonder who’s going to be cooking?

  • vudutu

    Hummm, odd, they spelled Covington wrong, Covnington, hope Mark is taking over Chalk.