Thus starts the campaign for more Shrimp and Grits Waffles.

Dear Jean-Francois:

You know I love your waffles.

You know I begged to get the grits waffles “to-go”.

Now I’m begging you to offer the Shrimp and Grits waffles more often!


How good are those?  Really.  The grits are in the waffle, which is a little sweet and a little spicy.  The shrimp are on top, sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

They’re delicious.

However, you keep saying that these will only be available once a year.  This is tragic!  Could you maybe offer them.. oh, I don’t know, quarterly?  That would be good.  Every weekend, and they wouldn’t be special.  Once every three months– you can build up anticipation?

Folks, back me up– did you try the Shrimp and Grits waffles?  What did you think?

And just because his regular waffles are amazing…


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9 thoughts on “Thus starts the campaign for more Shrimp and Grits Waffles.”

  • I did not have the chance to try the Shrimp and Grits Waffles although I would like to. The best Taste of Belgium waffle I’ve had yet is when I took the waffle home, fried up an egg, then put the egg on top of the waffle and cracked the yolk open over the waffle. Boy was that delicious.

    I also think a Chicken & Waffle recipe needs to come out from Taste of Belgium. It’s a southern delicacy (kidding, kind of), and would be a real treat to have in Cincinnati since we’re half southern and all. 🙂
    .-= Randy A. Simes´s last blog ..Once and Always A Stakeholder =-.

    • I have a chicken and waffles post coming up sometime this week– not from a Cincinnati restaurant, though.

      I think the “cajun” waffle would be excellent with a fried egg on top!

  • I concur with your sentiment, Julie. Normally not a fan of eating solo, I hit up Findlay Market last Saturday all by my lonesome. I don’t mind shopping alone, but was compelled to break down and grab a bite on my own after seeing the shrimp ‘n grits waffle. Perfectly seasoned, an unexpected combination, and a spot-on twist to celebrate the Bayou.

    I think JF would hit a home run if he served this up quarterly.

    Wanna join me in line??!!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Let’s Put This To Bed =-.

  • I also stopped in on Saturday for the SG&W, and I might have had an off-waffle, but I was not crazy about it. Caveats: I love shrimp and grits. I love waffle. I guar-ohn-tee you won’t find anyone who likes Louisianian foods more than me.

    All that aside, I was still fairly ambivalent about the dish. I think my issue largely stemmed from the use of the salad shrimps. They carried with them no discernible shrimp taste, and all I could glean from the shrimp was the garlic and oil. Shrimp and grits in which the shrimp flavor is notably absent is a rather significant short-coming, imho.

    The waffle itself was mighty tasty, and I kept trying to think of something else I could make with them if I took a few home. I wound up not, but it’s nice to know I may get the option to do so again in the future if they’re sold more often.

    A couple minor suggestions – serve them with less parsley (and I love flat parsley, but it was too much on such a small dish) and serve them on a larger plate. Nearly every cut I made threw some of the tiny shrimp off onto the table and generally made it a slightly more messy eating experience than necessary.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Local 127, Downtown =-.

  • Send it back to the kitchen. Liked the waffle, not the shrimp topping, it needs a sauce, agree pretty much with Sara, less parsley, I too dumped some on the floor. Lots of potential in the waffle as a savory base for all kinds of toppings. I am thinking more like biscuits and gravy. Hummm, sausage from Kroger Boys and gravy topped with an egg?

  • Reading all those good suggestions as we’re about to do another round of Shrimp & Grits waffles. There was no parsley; it was a mix of green onions and cilantro. Good point on the plate! I’ll definitely use larger plate this year. I’ll see if I can use larger shrimps this year. Should not be an issue; I might just have to bump up the price a little bit. We’ll certainly run the S&G waffles as a lunch special item at the Freedom Center.

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