Valentine’s Day @ Dixie

So where does a food blogger go on Valentine’s Day? Everyone asks me– and I always say, “We cook at home. It’s scary out there on Valentine’s Day!”

I had every intention of cooking, but decided that since our dinner was going to take 3 hours to prepare, I’d rather go out, so we’d eat before midnight. Where did we go?

Dixie Chili. We had a lot of our early dates there– and hey, it was practically dead. Tres romantic, no?





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  • Christina Baita

    This is fantastic! I am curious as to what you do for your anniversary (first date, what ever). My husband and I actually both forgot! The Dixie Chili sounds like something that we would do too. Holidays are so over commercialized that the expectations are too high, so we like to do just the opposite of everyone else and do special things on “regular” days just because we can.
    Thanks for the wonderful post to show that not everyone succumbs to the hype in order to know that you care for each other.
    .-= Christina Baita´s last blog ..After Party With The Cincinnati Ballet =-.

    • julie

      We don’t really celebrate anniversaries. Nor do we really exchange gifts. We’re odd that way but we’re happy with it. :)

  • MegT

    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks restaurants are scary on Valentine’s Day!
    .-= MegT´s last blog ..Terry’s Turf Club =-.

  • Rose

    Hey, Keith and I had our first date (a movie and snack after) at Skyline. What’s not romantic about Cincinnati chili, right? Just watch the onions for kissin’ afterwards. :-)
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Tarot and Men’s Figure Skating =-.

    • julie

      Yes, and Dixie has garlic coneys– we didn’t order any of those. :)

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