Guy Fieri in town– where is he?

As you may know, Guy Fieri is in town– I’ve known he was coming for a while, since his production company contacted me nearly a year ago.  Television research takes a while!  I gave them a few suggestions, but sadly– no chance to meet the Guy himself.  That’s okay– he’s giving props to some of my favorites. Here’s what I’m finding around the web:

A report from Guy’s trip to Terry’s Turf Club.

The Prospective Schedule (via Fans of Guy Fieri):

3/15: Virgil’s Cafe

3/15: Terry’s Turf Club

3/15: Blue Ash Chili

He’s here for another few days– as I hear more, I’ll share.  Have you had a close encounter of the Guy kind?  Comment here!

17 thoughts on “Guy Fieri in town– where is he?”

  • 3D was actually at Blue Ash Chili on Saturday night….I happened to go there for dinner that night and his whole production was there and a sign was out front that they were taping and you could be on TV if you stayed to eat that night. I am not sure if they tape multiple times at each place, but they were there for hours on Saturday evening, so I am assuming they probably completed their recording there on Saturday evening.

  • geez. Who really cares? The guy has a fauxhawk sprouting on his chin. His car was parked at the Westin Sunday night.

    Any PR is good PR I guess.

  • Thanks for the link! I managed to get more info on the wearabouts of the crew at least. They are all headed down to Lexington (wouldn’t say exactly where) today and will be heading back through Cincinnati on Thursday night to eat at Terry’s again because they liked it so much and get a few more quick random shots in.

  • I was at the taping at Terrys on Monday. Guy seemed to me to have “Rock Star” complex. There were about 25 people in the resturant during the shoot and he only briefly talked with the people he interviewed on camera, said nothing to anyone else, offerd no thanks or to sign an autograph. As soon as he took his last shot he put his shadesd jacket on and hopped in a car and split.

  • The infatuation with this visit completely evades me. Terry’s does not need any more pub, there are already too many goobs there in my way when I’m trying to get a burger. Guy is a 40 year old d-weed who thinks Swingers just came out last year. I’m not sure I’d want my restaurant featured by a dude who gives the thumbsup to tgifridays. And the attention given to it by local media is just so cheesy and small town. “We’re gonna be on the TV! Our lil town is gonna be on the TV!”

    • Best to get good press and not bad. Good point, though, on the TGI Friday’s– most of the Food Network folks have sold out, in some way, to a chain.

      • Really? I haven’t been much into TV lately. Hope that doesn’t apply to the ones I have a bit of respect for like Ina and Alton Brown. I know AB does/did Welch’s commercials, but that doesn’t mar his integrity in my book. Oh, and he also did a series of specials for FN where he ate at various road food joints…just like a half dozen other similarly themed shows, it was much better than ddd.

        • Ina and Alton are the ones who seem to have not caved– as much. I don’t mind the Alton Welch’s ads, either– and I loved his “Feasting on Asphalt” or whatever his show was– that was fun. You’re right, it was far better than DDD.

  • “most of the Food Network folks have sold out”
    I believe everyone prostitutes themselves to some degree, and I believe people are about half beauty and half bullshit, the good news is you get to decide which half you see. Frankly I have met very few celebs who are down to earth especially when surrounded by swarms of fans. Tom Waits was one exception. Unfortunately it’s a curse that goes with the territory. That said I still want Bourdain’s job, or Alton’s OR Guy’s.

      • Why not Guy’s show? I actually think he has the best show of the three. I find Bourdain so tedious as to be unwatchable, no matter what he does. Alton’s show is interesting, but quaint. As in, how quaint that he takes three days to make pancakes. Now, I am no fan of Guy (look at him too long and he will kill any appetite you might have), but I think the concept of his show is fun. Avoid chains, and purposefully find some of the most interesting and inexpensive food in town.

        • I am sorry Holly but Bourdain just plain rocks, raw humanity, anyone who can eat the ass-end out of a dead wart hog is OK in my book. He is one of those people who I want to travel with, jump in a car and go fast, feast, bar hop and and generally get in trouble.

          As for Alton, I love the show and how he presents although I will admit he sometimes takes it too far. Have you seen his recent show on how he lost 50 lbs? Excellent info and his sardine and avocado sandwich is now a standard at our house.

          As for Guy he does not have the natural the cool factor Bourdain has, he appears to be somewhat manufactured, I love the Americana he showcases but he lost a lot of cred when he sold out to TGI Fridays.

          Actually the roadfood and travel TV concept first came from the recently departed Keith Floyd who first started back in 1984. I commented on him a couple of years ago on WMDMC. (see below) Also the Sterns did a lot to help with their Roadfood books, I got to meet them a few years ago and hear them speak, if you get a chance to do it, funny funny people.

          As for Bourdain did you ever read his guest blog from Feb 2007 on Michael Rhulman’s blog? (see below) It is a few years old but hilarious reading. Julie I tried to search your site to find where I posted the following and link to it but I can’t search by anything but month and that is too tedious so sorry for the repost.
          I forgot one of the rarest food channel sightings, a must for any food channel junkie’s life list, a BBC spinoff I believe. Keith Floyd, a drunken wanderer with a fondness for badgering and belittling his cameraman. He is a riot, he cruises around in a Jag, sets up in someone’s kitchen or on the street and cooks local cuisine. Here are a couple of links. If you happen across one of his episodes do set your recorder to record all of them, they seem to come around eventually.

          Here are a couple of links:


          Also I had to go dig up a guest blog I read last year by Anthony Bourdain on Michael Ruhlman’s site. THIS is funny, SERIOUSLY funny stuff, I don’t know which is more entertaining, Tony’s Blog or the responses, here is a link to the blog and some quotes from the comments, A WARNING there is much Rachel and Sandra Lee bashing involved…

          His intro…

          “I actually WATCH Food Network now and again, more often than not drawn in by the progressive horrors on screen. I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion. Mesmerized at the ascent of the Ready-Made bobblehead personalities, and the not-so-subtle shunting aside of the Old School chefs, I find myself de-constructing the not-terrible shows, imagining behind the scenes struggles and frustrations, and obsessing unhealthily on the Truly Awful ones. Screaming out loud at Sandra Lee in disbelief as she massacres another dish, then sits grinning, her face stretched into a terrifying rictus of faux cheer for the final triumphant presentation. I mourn for Mario..and Alton…Bobby and yes–even Emeril, nobly holding the fort while the TV empire he helped build crumbles like undercooked Bundt cake into a goo of Cheez Wiz around him.”

          Quotes from Bourdain and the commenters…

          “Watching Giada cook is like a soft core porno movie with extra close ups of her hands and the soft focus and gentle music.”

          “Giada does have a freakishly huge head ”

          “Oh, dear God – Poor Mario
          “Relegated to the circus of Iron Chef America, where–like a great, toothless lion, fouling his cage, he hangs on . . .”
          I now have to clean sprayed cappuccino off my computer screen. ”

          “I’m always up for some Sandra Lee bashing because I believe there is no greater force for evil in the culinary world. Actually, it’s an insult to use the words “culinary” and “Sandra Lee” in the same sentence, so forgive me. I’ll go mainline a ranch dressing packet as punishment.”

          “Watching her show is not entirely unlike sticking one’s head into a cotton-candy machine, followed by a quick dip in the Fryolator and having that deep-fried, pastel, sugary head-crust shattered by French kissing a speeding cement-mixer during a gay-pride parade.’

          “Did y’all SEE that “Kwanzaa Cake” that Sandra Lee made one time? It was a storebought angelfood cake frosted with a can of vanilla icing with a couple tablespoons of cocoa stirred in; there was peanut butter involved, and then the center hole was plugged up with apple pie filling and CORN NUTS. I kid you not”

          “The only way the Rachael Ray can win any respect from me is if she sliced off a finger in the middle of one of her shows, pulls a Julia Child, duct tapes the wound closed, and continues cooking.”

          “There’s only one cure for Rachel Ray: tranquilizer gun. Either me or her. One of us has to go.”

          “A woman I know calls Sandra Lee’s show, “Semi-Half Assed”, which I thought was very fitting.”

          “you know rachel ray likes to cut corners- i can get down with a woman like that. she’s the kind of girl you can hang around with all day in a bathrobe and eat bacon. just bacon. if bourdain can’t appreciate that then he’s a bastard. a hard bastard whom i grant oceans of respect (he ate a raw seal with little inuit children!) as for nigella, i only hope she’ll one day respond to my numerous letters and grant me my fantasy: which is that she dress up as a strict school marm and paddle me while i recite my multiplication tables.”

  • Hey vudutu, I totally agree about Guy being manufactured. And sorry, reading all that about Bourdain only makes him seem all the more insufferable and plain old horrible to me. But to each his or her own, eh? 🙂 Oh, and I actually feel that same way about Julia Child. *ducks flying pots, pans, and neatly boned, well, duck*

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