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DSC_0193This whole new house thing is kind of for the birds.  Okay, that’s not true, but we had a few weekends where we were having things installed or fixed (if my cable could stay on for more than a day or two, that would be lovely…), so many Saturdays were completely blown just by waiting for technicians to arrive.  Terry, being the gem that he is, offered to grab lunch while I was waiting for the TV installer to show up (of course, he didn’t show up until 4, so I could have easily gone out for lunch with him).

We tried to think of something nearby that we hadn’t tried, or hadn’t had in a while, when Terry suggested “that Gyro place by Kroeger Meats at Findlay”.  That “gyro place” turned out to be Areti’s Gyros, which I had heard good things about from Liz, who seems to be quite the gyro aficionado.   I was game.

He brought back two gyros: one with tomatoes (his) and one without (mine).  I tend to be a “only in the summertime” tomato kind of person– at least fresh ones, and especially on sandwiches– so I was quite happy to have a meat-and-onion sandwich.

We both took a bite. As I sat on the couch, and Terry stood by the island, our eyes connected.  “Holy crap,”  I said. “This is a freakin’ great gyro.”  Terry nodded, far too busy enjoying his gyro to actually talk.

I find many gyros, both in town and out of town, to be really disappointing.  The meat can be dry, the vegetables not fresh, the tzatziki watery.  I’ve written about Sebastian’s, Mythos and Taz before, and though so many people say Sebastian’s is the best, I really like it only for sentimental reasons and not because it’s got the best flavor– my favorite right now is Taz.  Well, Taz, you’ve met your match– Areti’s is fantastic.  The meat is moist and flavorful (and they don’t skimp on it– there was more than I could eat), the tzatiki thick, tangy and a little garlicky, and the onions had been softened just a bit by the meat.  The pita itself was soft, with a crispy outside that was just a bit shiny with butter.  The bonus?  It’s at Findlay Market!  The price is incredibly reasonable– $4.75 for a gyro– and they also serve other Greek specialties that I can’t wait to try, like spanakopita, baklava, moussaka and dolmades.

Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to Findlay on Saturdays and Sundays– they’re open for lunch Tuesday-Friday, too.  Grab an gyro (and a waffle, or some gelato, or maybe some sausages for dinner, or some fresh produce) and enjoy on your way back to work.

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  • I’ve enjoyed the Gyros I’ve had from Areti’s, but there is still no Gyro place in Cincinnati like the fast-food style Gyro joints in Greece that have the fries stuffed right in the Gyro so that you can eat it on the go. I’ve always thought that’s exactly the model that Mythos should take up downtown and even start up a scooter delivery service similar to the Gyro joints in Greece.
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    • They do the same thing in Europe– I love gyros with the fries right on it. We have a favorite place off the Place de St. Michel that prepares that way– just delicious.

  • I have an Areti’s gyro just about every Friday when I shop at Findlay Market with my father. The gyros are delicious as well as huge! The owners are very nice and they are an outstanding addition to Findlay Market. Reading this article has me looking forward to my Friday gyro fix!

  • I eat Areti’s gyros most everytime I go down! They are huge, tasty and delicious. And only $5! It’s a deal. So yummy. They are large enough that I have them cut it in half so I can give the other half of it to one of the people in and around Findlay who haven’t had a meal in a while. Then I reward my good behavior by heading down to Dojo Gelato! Man, he makes some wicked gelato. Damn.

  • Areti’s is good…..but Sebastian’s is better. I have to go in once a week just for Alex’s abuse.

    • I love Alex and his wife (who tried to play matchmaker with The Boyfriend and me– I guess she succeeded!) but I go there mostly because of them and the nostalgia, but their gyros just don’t stand up to others’. It’s why I tend towards the Greek salad– their Greek dressing is fabulous.

      • I love them too. Very sweet people. He’s all bark, no bite. But I love it when people come in there waving credit cards around only to be told that they are a cash only business.

  • Areti’s are pretty good and an obvious value for how much poundage you get. We have been eating them periodically since the stand opened this summer. Every time, people would stop and ask “where did you get those?” Now…on Saturday at lunch, the line is crazy. They really need to institute a numbering system to control the ordering process. In contrast, I went to Mythos for the first time in a long time last week, and their portions have shrunk considerably from the days up on 7th. I also thought the quality was down.

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