Mini-Review: Coffee, Please!

Coffee Please!I lived in Mariemont for almost two years, and constantly drove up and down Miami Avenue. When I student taught at Mariemont High School, my cooperating teacher constantly had cups of coffee from “Coffee, Please” and still– I never went. When I reviewed Frieda’s a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a reader suggesting that the next time I went to Frieda’s, that I hop across the street and pick up coffee at Coffee, Please. So, I did.

DSC_0056Coffee, Please is a cute little shop right on Miami Avenue. Parking can be a bit tricky, but I’ve always found a spot. It’s populated by teenagers, college students, ladies that lunch, and the occasional English teacher grading papers.  They have some great lattes– I like the low fat, sugar-free Milky Way latte (though I only order a small because it can be a bit sweet) and they roast their own coffee– if you’re lucky, you will catch a whiff as you drive by.  The best thing for English teachers grading papers or college students? Unlimited refills for regular coffee, if you drink it in-store.  They always have a ton of flavors– including my favorite,  Highlander Grogg.  They also serve sandwiches and pastries (which I haven’t yet tried, as I always go over after eating at Frieda’s!).  It’s become a weekend staple for us. Plus, with the nice weather, there’s outdoor seating!
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