Mini-Review: Mynt Martini

myntSo, I finally had an excuse to go to Mynt Martini for a couple of cocktails after work last week. A few things I noticed:

1) Their patio is excellent, with a beautiful view of the fountain, lots of comfortable couches, and plenty of room. There was a decent-sized crowd, but it didn’t feel claustrophobic.

2) Their service was kind of slow– both Katy and I waited a fair amount of time on that patio while we watched other people who arrived after us get served first. Annoying, but it was a bit busy.

3) They have pretty decent happy hour prices– $5 martinis (off of a selected list) and $5 menu items, which I did not try as I had dinner plans afterward. mynt

4) They say they serve “Las Vegas-style” martinis, whatever that means– I selected the $5 lemon drop. Now, you might say that I should expect that the drink would be weaker at happy hour, so you buy more– but I disagree. Why would you make your drinks any differently? Happy hour only lasts so long, so if you can get your patrons to stay after happy hour by offering good drinks, you’d think that would be a better business decision. Oops. The lemon drop (traditionally vodka, triple sec, sugar and lemon juice) tasted like inexpensive lemonade with a splash of vodka, and an inexplicable squeezed lemon wedge floating (and taking up a good portion of the glass). Sigh.  Others in our group concurred that the drinks were fairly weak.  My second drink was a beer; I decided not to even bother with that second martini.  I’ll try again during non-happy hour, but I’m not particularly hopeful.

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  • Hahahahahahahahaha, that place is serioulsy GAY!!! Not in a homo kind of way in a that place is really gay kind of way…….I personally took out a bet that the outdoor furniture would become ruined and that the Mynt company would not have enough money to replace it…….leaving crappy used furniture outside of there lame here for the summer if they are lucky bar!!!!!! Good Story Though!

  • No need to go back, the drinks don’t get any better when you are paying full price. Mynt is seriously in love with cheap sour mix, making their drinks more about the sweet fillers than the booze.

  • I’ve been to Mynt at night and for happy hour, and had an “okay” experience both times. At night, Mynt feels like a cross between a sports bar, dance club and meat market… the tunes were good, but the atmosphere was more Cadillac Ranch than classy martini bar. At happy hour, I had pretty good service, although I gave the server $5 for my $4 beer and she didn’t even pretend to make change. Yes, I would have told her to keep it… but it was sort of off-putting. I’ll probably go back both at night and for happy hour, but my expectations will be a little lower.

    Man, I sound kind of grouchy! 🙂

  • I’ve been there once…at about 11:15 pm on a Friday night. I also had a Lemon Drop and I’m pretty sure it was $10 at a non-happy-hour time. (Maybe it was $10 with my tip?) It was lemony and sweet, but I don’t think it had much vodka.
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  • This place is screwed once Bartini opens, assuming Bartini is not totally ignorant towards the proper clientèle

    As a friend mentioned to me, the good news is that the infrastructure is in place for a bar/restaurant to replace Mynt once it goes belly-up. I wonder if Lodge would move to get the patio space and presence on the square rather than 7th…

  • Mynt is lame; poorly made passe martinis, bar lemon, slow service. I give them until Labor Day-the Mynt Death Watch is on!

  • Yeah Mynt doesn’t know what it wants to be. I was there in the Jan/Feb timeframe so sitting outside wasn’t possible. Thus we were forced inside at happy hour to listen to a “DJ” trying to pimp business every 10 minutes. You would think an expensive martini bar would be going for a hip, swank, chill atmosphere rather than a faux-high energy experience (especially not at 5pm).

    One other nit-picky thing. They obviously poured a lot of money into the bathroom to do color coordinated fixtures, tile, stall doors and what not in a mixture of really dark materials…some shiny, some matte. It was a nice effect. Then they go and ruin it by covering some of the electrical outlets with really light colored covers. I think that is evocative of the whole place: They didn’t think the whole place through.

    • Some friends and I had the same strange DJ experience during happy hour. I was the last to arrive and the group said they only stayed so I could get the full horrible experience. The one thing we have said the most about our visit is that our waitress had more perfume on than clothes.

      Also, at the time that I was there the food menu had no prices. I took that to mean they didn’t want you to order it.

  • Orderd a Tom Collins and it was horrific. Gotta second the mix responses. Was not impressed with the place at all. Can Neon’s open a second location – kidding (sort of).

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