Mini-Review: Tom + Chee

 I have been having the worst trouble with my phone lately.  It seems to prefer being a paperweight to being a useful piece of technology.  Because of its bricked condition,  I’ve lost pictures from Virgil’s (and someplace else– I forget where!) and nearly lost this pic from Tom + Chee that I took on Fountain Square after Terry and I slung beer for the OTR Chamber of Commerce.   Thank goodness I backed up before it crashed (again) yesterday afternoon.   So what is that greasy, yet delicious-looking pile?  Tom + Chee’s special: American cheese, grippo’s and bacon… on a doughnut.

Slide me some Zocor as you’re sliding me one of those sandwiches, please.

Tom + Chee has been open on the square since the winter. Though their fare– grilled cheese and tomato soup (get it?) is more well-suited to the ice rink, they’ve added salads and a few other dishes that are more summer-friendly.  However, I just couldn’t resist this calorie bomb of a sandwich.

So goes the diet.

So what you get– a split-in-half glazed donut, flipped glaze-side in, stuffed to the brim with bacon, Grippo’s and American cheese and grilled until crispy.

I’m pretty sure someone drunk came up with this combination, and I salute them.  It’s salty, smoky, cheesy, sweet, crunchy and spicy– all at the same time.  You definitely need to sign a waiver and be sure you have good life insurance before you take a bite, but it’s worth whatever sort of shock your heart needs after.

Terry disagreed– which surprised me, because I figured it would be right up his alley.  He thought it was a gimmick.  I think it’s genius.  I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to have another one until at least 2013, but when I do– I’ll be very happy.

Tom + Chee is also taking donations to get a permanent building, so when you pass them a $5 for your $4 sandwich, it’s a good use for your change.  Stop in and see them the next time you’re on the Square.

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