Cocktail Hour, Bartini’s, Jean-Robert’s Table, Kroeger and Sons

Suite New Menu at GABP
August 20, 2010
Cocktail Hour Extra: Tuscan Summer from Great American Ball Park
August 20, 2010
  • Cocktail Hour is the Brooklyn Buck and Moscow Mule, found over at booze me, schmooze me.
  • Speaking of cocktails, I went to the grand opening of Bartini’s last night.  Seems like a nice bar– very well appointed, and the outdoor section is awesome– but it feels like a bigger Mynt.  The drinks I had weren’t bad (my Manhattan was pretty good, probably because their vermouth was less than two weeks old! Their top shelf bourbon is Maker’s Mark, which I like, but I don’t consider it top shelf.  Michelle had a Bellini, which wasn’t bad (though the champagne wasn’t high quality), and there was one drink that involved neon-blue Curacao that was almost undrinkable, but it also came off of an ice luge, so I don’t expect expert mixology) but I’ll have to try again– probably for happy hour.
  • Afterward, I discovered the best table at Jean-Robert’s Table.  It’s a little one in the corner near the bar, just a two-top, and from there you can people-watch on the street and in the restaurant.  Oh, and the burger and fries I got were delicious– perfectly cooked, juicy, well-seasoned.   I’ll definitely be back for a full meal, but I figured you folks would appreciate a preview. The burger was apparently quite good as leftovers (as I ate half and brought the rest home).  The burger, for the record, if a bit blurry:
  • Kroeger and Sons is the featured Groupon for today.   $10 for $20 worth of their awesome product.  I bought one (there is definitely some chicken sausage in my future)– pick one up, too.  It’s a great value.
  • Have you tried the dolmades available at Kroger’s olive bar/Murray’s Cheese Shop?   They’re really delicious, made fresh several times daily, and pretty healthy.  I’ve been obsessed with them and with olives all week.  I love the olive bar– it was the basis of Terry’s birthday party on Sunday, between the dolmades and olives and a few other things.  Plus, it’s the least expensive way to get sun-dried tomatoes at the grocery store (which are my favorite form of tomato).

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  2. ThePorkopolist says:

    Maker’s as top shelf? Hilarious. Many of the better bars in Louisville use it as their well.

  3. Becky says:

    I have had the dolmades at the cheese shop. I agree they’re pretty delish. I also go for the bean salads on the bar..

  4. What’s the deal with all of the TV’s blaring sports in Bartini? The place comes off as a sports bar to me. And I hate sports bars.

  5. eggplant says:

    Any info on which Kroger’s have the Murray’s cheese counter since the Kenwood Kroger closed? The Kroger in Anderson does, and I’m guessing the one in Hyde Park might. They do have some great cheeses, although I discovered they sadly don’t offer Mexican ones. Any ideas on where I could find a good cotija?

  6. Dan says:

    The Kroger in Hyde Park does have a Murray’s, eggplant.

  7. Becky says:

    my husband insists that the plastic they wrap their cheese in gives it a funny flavor…

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