Friday Five: Five Favorites for Super Bowl Sunday

hummus with chipotleI’ll be  honest. I’m into Superbowl parties for two things: the food and the ads. That said, I always bring something fabulous to super bowl parties, and really look forward to making the dish all year. This year, I think I’m going to do (among a couple of other things) this homemade onion dip.  Here are a few of my favorites from years past (and some local things I like to pick up):

1. Bacon-Blue Cheese Dip.  For the cheesehead fans out there, this is awesomely rich and delicious.  The first bite: “Mmm.”  The second bite. “Oh, wow, this is rich.”  The third bite? “I can’t eat any more, but it’s so good!”

2. Roqueamole.  Again for the cheeseheads, a fun dip on the classic guacamole.  I had no idea how good avocadoes and roquefort could be.

3. Chipotle Hummus.  This is spicier (and healthier) than the first two.  You can get get chipotles in adobo at most Kroger locations in the “Hispanic” aisle.

4. Servatii’s Pretzel Sandwich.  A Cincinnati classic which probably  ought to be ordered today if you want one.

5. Skyline Dip.  Hey. It’s Cincinnati.  It’s fattening.  It’s dippable. Sounds like super bowl food to me (though I think it tastes better if you buy a pint of chili– your choice, doesn’t have to be Skyline– instead of using something out of a can).

What are your favorite Super Bowl Sunday dips and treats?

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