Review: Queen City Cookies

It’s Valentine’s Day– almost. Your sweetheart needs a gift. Chocolates are a bit old hat (well, not all of them– but you’ll see more about that tomorrow). Flowers die (and are completely overpriced for Valentine’s Day. I mean, the price is chopped by half the day after? Artificial inflation!). Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they could be inappropriate (you’ve been going out for a month? Not a good move.) or just too expensive.  So what do you give?

May I suggest Queen City Cookies?  You can buy them at Nordstrom’s eBar, Picnic and Pantry, Nest, Joseph Beth and Sidewinder, or you can order from their website. I received a sample box as a wedding gift from their PR folks (so no, I did not pay to try them) and they are first: gorgeous and second: delicious.  You just have to get past how pretty they are to actually eat them.

They’re made in springerle molds, a traditional German method of making cookies.  Springerle cookies are anise-flavored, which isn’t as popular a flavor as it once was.  So, they switched to shortbread cookies but keep the beautiful springerle molds as the basis for their designs. They’re covered with frosting and tied up in a bow.  They’re apparently very time-consuming to make (their website says 3 days!) but boy, are they worth it.  They come in dark  chocolate, white chocolate, dulce de leche (caramel), and “fairy dust” (which has edible shimmer!) icing and either regular or peanut butter cookies.  I tried the white chocolate, dark chocolate, and there was fairy dust on a couple of my cookies.

They come beautifully packaged…



Here are some individual cookie shots:

White chocolate, which was definitely my favorite. The cookie is crisp and buttery, and the frosting just gorgeous (and delicious!).

Dark chocolate, which was rich and had a softer texture than the white chocolate icing. Great for chocolate lovers.

A closeup– can you see the golden fairy dust?

Pricewise, they might be more special-occasion, at $5-7 each.  They do bulk discount orders and also customize– if I’d had a wedding here, these would definitely be in contention for favors.  They’re a great treat with coffee, and so pretty for Valentine’s day.  I think they keep for a few days, too, so you can stare at their prettiness.  I’ll definitely pick up a few for Valentine’s from one of the local shops. Now, don’t beat me to it!

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