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IMG_0070I like pizza coupled with good causes. Roc-A-Fellas Pizza, in Sharonville, is run by a Christian organization that uses the proceeds from the pizza (and some other businesses) to fund their missions that support inner-city youth and clean water in Nigeria, among others.  I’m not religious, but I can get behind clean water in Nigeria, so I visited on a weekday to try their pizza for lunch.

Roc-A-Fellas, like a traditional New York pizza joint, serves pizza by the slice or by the pie.  More places in Cincinnati need to sell pizza by the slice. Often, I don’t want a whole pie when a slice will do, and it eliminates the arguing over what will be on said pie.  They offer a half-dozen varieties of pizza by the slice, including your standard cheese and pepperoni pies, as well as specialty pies and stuffed pizzas.  Their surroundings are humble– lots of recycled/upcycled dining room feature (we noticed the old tables from Subway, for example)– but this is a place that doesn’t go for experience, it’s going for pizza (and to maintain low costs so a maximum amount of dollars can go to their charities. Makes sense.).  The service was friendly and they were patient with us while we decided what to order.

In the interest of science, my friend and I tried four different kinds of pizza.  They had a special– two slices and a drink for $7, and we threw in a breadstick for good measure.  We figured it was enough food for four people for a grand total of $16. It’s an insanely good value.

IMG_0071The pizza?  It’s actually pretty good.  Foldable crust, not too doughy, and the dough is made on site.  I wasn’t quite as crazy about the stuffed pizza: I like the cheese and toppings to be the main draw of the pizza, not two layers of dough, but if you like pizza crust, you’ll be very happy with it.  The plain cheese was great, with a healthy (well, unhealthy) amount of cheese and a not-too spicy sauce, but if you’re looking for something a little different, the chicken bacon ranch pizza was quite good as well.  One slice was more than enough for me– I believe one slice and a drink, on special, is $5.   It’s probably as close to the pizza I’ve had in New York as you’ll get in the land of square-cut, sweet-sauced pizza.  A pretty decent lunch, and you’re helping people out in the process.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Roc-A-Fellas Pizza”

  • Personally, I wouldn’t give money to conservative Christians (notorious for their opposition to gay rights) for use in Nigeria, where gay people are stoned to death. I’d never be able to feel confident that my money wasn’t being used for evil. I’d rather make a donation to Doctors Without Borders, and then buy pizza elsewhere. That’s my personal choice with my money; others are welcome to choose differently.

    • When I wrote this, I wasn’t thinking about gay rights– just about fresh water for people who don’t have access to it. It’s definitely something to think about (and something I’ll consider before I go there again) and an extremely good point. Thanks for this.

  • When I saw your tweet about your review of “Roc-A-Fellas Pizza” I figured Jay-Z opened up a slice joint in New York. Glad to see this isn’t the case.

  • harmless implies that Christians are the ones stoning gays in Nigeria. He needs to redirect his concern to the true perpetrators: Muslims. Of course, they aren’t one of the groups designated for hate by the PC crowd, so don’t hold your breath waiting for him to boycott Muslim groups.

    “Facts are stubborn things.”

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