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PhotoI’m kind of on a brick oven pizza kick. It started with my first visit to A Tavola (which no, I would not review within the first month or so, in case anyone wonders), then a trip to Pomodori’s (you’ll see that one soon, promise) and now Fireside Pizza, which was part of Second Sunday on Main. They specialize in pizza, but portable– often found at festivals, street parties, you name it. Their prices are good– between $6-8 for a pizza that feeds two, and they have a lot of different options for toppings. You pick your pizza, wander around whatever event you’re at, and pick it up 15 minutes later. Toppings include everything from meats to fresh veggies and a variety of cheeses, plus either an olive oil and garlic sauce or tomato sauce. Pretty traditional, and they also do the occasional special.

I actually went for their special, which involved asparagus, tomatoes and onions. They were, unfortunately, out of asparagus, but offered a replacement topping: bacon. Easy choice. I wandered a bit, ran into some friends, chatted, and by the time I was done, I was holding a hot, fresh pizza. I marched home with it, eager to eat lunch.

It was cooled off adequately by the time I walked the couple of blocks home, and it was worth the wait: crispy, but still chewy dough, a good amount of toppings (but not too many) and the bacon was nice and crispy. It was $8, and there was plenty for Terry to eat once he got home as well. If you’re at an event and see these guys, check them out.

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