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PhotoBeing a native Southerner, Terry loves crawfish. They’re hard to get around here– being landlocked is a problem, and folks just aren’t quite familiar with the little bugs. In fact, though I’ve had crawfish in dishes, I’ve never been to a boil. Kajun Krawfish is out to bring crawfish to Cincinnati, and has done several crawfish boils at Neon’s Unplugged. Terry and I, along with our friends Monika and Jeremy (a native Texan), tried it out on Sunday.

If you go, get there early, as the place gets packed.  We didn’t have to wait too long for our crawfish.  The rule of thumb is two pounds per person (though I’ll bet you could eat more), and last week they ran $8 a pound.  They’re cooked in cajun spices, lemon, and other secret ingredients “Krawfish King” Cue Cao throws into his bubbling cauldron of crawfish.  In that price, you get a piece of corn and potatoes, too.  His crawfish are live and wiggling before they go into the bubbling, seasoned soup, unlike many places that use frozen crawfish.  It’s not quite the same.

PhotoIf you’re wondering what a crawfish tastes like, it tastes like what it looks like: lobster.  Spicy, messy lobster. Terry, the crawfish expert of the two of us, really liked the seasoning, and thought it was a good approximation of a Louisiana-style boil.  I really liked the ones that were perfectly cooked, but as Cao only has one cauldron of crawfish (and not two), in order to accomodate orders, some get left in longer than others, which makes them vary in doneness from perfect to mushy.  The only improvement would be to have two pots running at one time to provide some more consistency in texture.

Monika didn’t have any, but Jeremy ate a few pounds by himself, in near silence.  “You’ll know I’m done when I start talking.”  It took him a while to eat them, but when he was done, he had a satisfied smile.  “Now that was good.”

You have one more chance to try Kajun Krawfish and Pho Lang Thang’s Banh Mi together at Neon’s on Sunday, June 19th at 5 PM.  $8 a pound, and they sell until they’re gone.  Oh, and be prepared to make a mess. That’s part of the fun.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kajun Krawfish”

  • I happened to be there, too. Perfect way to end Second Sunday on Main. I didn’t try the crawfish. I wanted to try the Bahn Mi and I was not disappointed. Maybe crawfish on the 19th.

    • I skipped the Banh Mi because I’ve had it before (and it’s good stuff).  Not sure if I’ll be stopping by on Sunday, but if I do, I might get a bit of both. 🙂

  • Always love it when people quote me correctly.  And yeah, you all knew I was done when I started talking.  But you failed to mention the tasty goodness that is the brains.  There is a reason that phrase “you eat the tails and suck the heads” came from Louisiana crawfish boils, people.

    However, for those of you attempting crawfish for the first time, forget the heads.  You have to work your way up to that juicy goodness.  I completely understand the mental hurdle there.  Fortunately for me, I crossed over that hurdle a long, long time ago.

    Finally, for the uninitiated, do not attempt to be dainty when eating.  This is not a food that you can eat cleanly.  You will have seasoning, spices and juice all over your hands/mouth no matter how careful you are. Just pile up the wetnaps beforehand and dig in.

    And for goodness sake, TRY THEM!  Cue Cao knows what he’s doing peeps.

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