Review: Park + Vine Vegan Lunch

PhotoI’m not a vegan, but many of my best friends are. How’s that for a marginalizing statement? Vegan cuisine is becoming mainstream, and even those of us who are avowed omnivores can enjoy vegan cuisine that’s done right.

Recently, Melissa Cox Howard, formerly of Melt in Northside, moved her talents to Park + Vine in Over-the-Rhine to create their vegan lunch menu. I had the opportunity last week to try it (ah, work-from-home days) and it’s definitely a can’t-miss.

Park + Vine puts its money where its mouth is with their new menu. It features local farmers and artisans, like Blue Oven Bakery, Brighid Farms, and Shadeau Bakery. The plates and utensils are all compostable– the only thing that isn’t is the plastic wrap on top of your to-go orders (though you can purchase compostable take-out containers).

I decided to go for broke and get the BBQ Tofu Sliders. Tofu is a food I like when cooked correctly, and despise when it isn’t. This one is right, with spicy barbecue sauce and a pleasant firmness. You still know it’s tofu, but it’s an enjoyable experience. It’s topped with sprouts, amazing Brihid Farms tomatoes and served on some great Blue Oven Breads foccacia.

The sides are great too– I loved the kale salad (it had a cute, clever name– Raw Raw I believe), and the potato salad was smoky and a little rich with Veganaise. You’d never know the difference between it and standard, mayonnaise-based potato salad if you weren’t told. They were good, solid sides whether you’re a carnivore or vegan.

If you want dessert, at the bar you can get an array of Sweet Peace bakery desserts, and there are plenty of beverage choices from kombucha to sparkling water.  Lunch ran about $10, which isn’t terrible for a high-quality, relatively healthy downtown lunch.

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  • Typical Libtard subsidation boondoggle.

    Park + Vine leeches off the taxpayers to survive. 


    • While you are entitled to your opinion, as uneducated as it may be, you might want to try spell check before posting it in a public space. That would at least lend you an air of schooling.

    • Dan Korman is always trying to destroy the community by promoting sustainable transportation, educational events, and locally-sourced low-impact food. Dan the boondoogler. Whadda smuck! I demand more chain supermarkets, more SUVs, and more hormones in my factory-farmed beef! SHUT DOWN PARK + VINE BEFORE OUR KIDS START ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR FOOD SOURCES AND SWEAT SHOP LABOR. We certainly don’t want our kids asking for bicycles and trying to celebrate the solstice. Hippies.

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