Response from 3CDC about Food on the Square

I just heard from 3CDC about the food tents at Fountain Square. Thought the tents are going away, 3CDC is looking towards more partnerships with the City and food trucks in the future.  The Strauss and Troy market on Tuesdays will not go away, and food and beverages will not go away entirely– they will be available for some events, not all events.

“To allow us to continue to program larger events while also maintaining the ample space for lunch crowds, the decision has been made to remove the food tent from the Square. It will be removed at the end of September and will not return.  3CDC is currently looking into other avenues for food service during future 3CDC programmed events.  3CDC would like to thank Skyline Chili for their generous sponsorship of the food tent over the last three years. We are proud of this partnership and look forward to finding new and exciting ways to partner in the future,” said Chad Munitz, Executive Vice President of Development and Operations for 3CDC.

So, in summary:  no more standing food tents, food will still be available, and 3CDC is trying to partner with the city to  work with food trucks, which might be a solution for some of the issues with location and foot traffic that food truck operators have complained about recently.    I’ll be interested to see how that partnership goes, and how other, more temporary food options will play out with the varied events going on at the square.

4 thoughts on “Response from 3CDC about Food on the Square”

  • Thanks for pursuing this, Julie. I’ll update my original blog post from Sunday after a little more news shakes out via you, Polly, and others pursuing this story. Glad 3CDC finally responded to somebody. I would still like to know more about their new plans.

    • I think that the food truck option sounds like a good plan– still supporting small business. I’ll be interested to see how it shakes out as well, but I’m not sure if we’ll hear anything more from 3CDC until October.

  • There’s a bigger part to this story that you haven’t touched on…the tent on Fountain Square has been a huge jumping off point for several independent and creative food lovers who couldn’t otherwise afford expensive downtown rent, much less a food truck. Restricting service there to food trucks will severely limit options to others who dream of starting up their own restaurant and can see the potential that the tent (low rent costs, diverse crowds to serve, great marketing and buzz included) could have afforded them.

    • To be quite honest, I don’t feel it should be restricted to food trucks either. We have been asking for the opportunity to participate in the markets and vending on the square for the same reason the tented vendors were; to get a start and perhaps eventually open our own bricks and mortar restaurant. We so far, have been given a cold shoulder. As far as discussions underway for foodtrucks on the square… not that I am aware of and currently there are just 3 of us. Taco Azul, NOTG and Cafe de Wheels. We can park next to the square or on the perimeter as we had latenight. It would be nice for the city to be inclusive as opposed to exclusive to independent/non chain food vendors.  Nice… such a idealistic 60’s phrase don’t you think?

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