Review: Mr. Hanton’s Dogs

IMG_0726Hot dogs are trendy. Trendy enough that we now have several choices for killer dogs. I finally caught up with Mr. Hanton’s during Midpoint Music Festival. They, along with other food trucks, were stationed in the Midpoint Midway, which we wandered through on our way to listen to some music.

Mr. Hanton’s menu is simple: hot dogs and sandwiches (which they call “handwiches”, as they can be eaten without utensils) and have become a Mt. Adams staple–what better thing to soak up alcohol than some loaded hot dogs? We tried out two dogs and definitely want to go back for more.

The Better Half selected the Smokehouse Dog, which included bacon, cheese (both shredded and whiz) and barbecue sauce. Quite delicious (but I’m a fan of bacon and barbecue sauce and cheese).  The dog wasn’t the standard, tasteless Cincinnati dog, but one that had a little bite and a lot of beefy flavor, and a bun that held up to the toppings.

I chose a Sonoran dog.  I’m obsessed with them, ever since I read an article in some magazine about them.  Essentially, they’re Tucson’s version of a chili dog, with a lot of Mexican influence.  The basic idea is a bacon-wrapped hot dog in a bun, topped with pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno sauce, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.  Most places outside of Tucson seem to substitute chili for the pinto beans and jalapeno sauce, but leave the rest.  Mr. Hanton’s calls it “chili sauce”, and man, is this a good hot dog.  There’s a ton of flavor and texture– warm chili, cool condiments and cheese, crisp bacon and soft bun all combine into a great package.  If you see a Sonoran on a menu anywhere (particularly here), try it out.    If you want something simpler, they have All-American dogs (ketchup and mustard), cheese coneys, and plain dogs.

Mr. Hanton’s is often in Mt. Adams on the weekends for late night food, but check out their Facebook page for their location on any given day, as they often do special events and head out to the suburbs for lunch.


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