Shanghai Mama’s to Reopen Soon

I spoke with a member of the management team of Shanghai Mama’s, yesterday afternoon. He said that the fire was caused by an electrical short behind the bar, and destroyed a good portion of the bar, including the bamboo roof. To the left is the damage to the bar area, provided by Shanghai Mama’s. The kitchen and much of the seating area was unaffected, so depending on insurance adjusters, he expects Shanghai Mama’s to reopen next week or the week after. He’s also using this time to redo the menu– he says to expect some old favorites and some new additions and that they’ll be “better than ever”.


3 thoughts on “Shanghai Mama’s to Reopen Soon”

  • Glad to hear things are progressing. I don’t know what people are talking about – considering all the much more crappy Chinese options in this city, Mama’s has always been a bright spot. A bright spot of grease sure…but how many people are REALLY looking for their giant bowl of noodles to have a smidgen of good health value? 

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