Frisch’s vs. Busken (and WKRP)

I am rarely impressed by advertising these days.  It’s rarely cute or clever, and also rarely changes my mind or helps me make a decision.

I’m jaded.

But I have to hand it to both Frisch’s and Busken, who are having a good time trying to one-up each other this holiday season.  The story: there’s a billboard above the Busken Bakery in Hyde Park.  Frisch’s put up a cheeky ad last year.  Busken responded.  Frisch’s did it again this year, and here’s the result:

Cute. That’s a holiday tradition I can get behind.

The other tradition? WKRP’s Thanksgiving episode. It makes me giggle, so I try to share it with you on Thanksgiving. Here it is again. I’m having my mom and some amazing friends over this year– for which I’m very thankful. It’s my first Thanksgiving after getting married to The Better Half. I’m thankful for that, too. I’m also thankful for you, the folks who are reading this. Thank you for being with me all year.


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