Food Trucks In Negotiations Serve at Taste of Cincinnati

Corrected:  I spoke with Chris Kemper from the Cincinnati Chamber– the food trucks aren’t finalized yet, but they are in negotiations.

Just heard this from Tom Acito, the owner of Cafe de Wheels:

The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce is negotiating with food trucks to serve at Taste of Cincinnati. The list of food trucks in negotiatons:

  • Cafe de Wheels
  • Taco Azul
  • Eat
  • New Orleans to Go
  • Pizza Bomba

This definitely makes sense– why not include them?  Their lack of inclusion was a bit controversial last year, so I’m glad that organizers are looking into including them this year.  I also hope that the food trucks can support the volume they’ll get at Taste– half a million people in less than three days is a lot of people!

10 thoughts on “Food Trucks In Negotiations Serve at Taste of Cincinnati”

  • What! No love for Bone’s Burgers? Maybe it’s the owner’s reluctance to be downtown (this is me assuming of course, I don’t know the owner(s) personally). Anyways,  Burger w/ pear + gruyere = lost for words.

    And ditto on the inclusion this year. Some of the best food here, or anywhere for that matter, is being served out of a truck.

    • Well it says “The list INCLUDES….” so perhaps  this isn’t a conclusive list and Bone’s Burgers will be at the Taste.

  • Still don’t understand the food truck idea. They get away with health code violations all day long that a sitting restaurant could never get away with . Only one or two are actually owned by people who live in Cincinnati, and contrary to popular belief they are not small businesses but most of their owners have these things in many parts of the country. Their food is mediocre on their best days and they block traffic. 

    • I don’t know what food truck biz chefbill is speaking of, but my truck is inspected as often as my restaurant was. I have no other trucks elsewhere and neither do any of the truck owners mentioned in this post. Furthermore, our approval rating wouldn’t be as high as it is if we served mediocre food. Let’s get the facts straight.

      • If someone has had an idea for years for a great food truck concept……How would someone start by bringing it to reality?

    •  Chefbill, where are you getting this information?   I’ve invested a huge chunk of change for my truck with commercial equipment and inspections and a commissary, and my food is good.  I follow the same rules as brick and mortars.

      • I will ask you for the same advice question as Pillarsandposts from above. Where would someone start to get a food truck idea to reality.

    • Maybe you need to go eat at one. I have worked in plenty of brick and mortar restaurant that were cesspools of Health Codr violations. Many of these trucks are owned by people in Cincinnati and are clearly local businesses. Of the trucks on the list above, ALL of them are small businesses. ALL of them are owner operated.

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