News Roundup: The Wine Cellar, Jean-Robert’s Table, Brew River Gastropub, Le’s Cafe

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March 8, 2012
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March 12, 2012
  • The Wine Cellar is reopening on Hatch Street in the former home of the Mushroom Shop.  They were forced out of their previous home on St. Gregory by a non-renewed lease.
  • Jared Whalen, formerly of the now-closed L’Auberge in Dayton and more recently Hugo, will be joining Jean-Robert’s table as Chef de Cuisine.  He worked with de Cavel previously as chef at Chalk, Pho Paris, Pigall’s and The Maisonette.
  • Brew River Gastropub will open the first week of April.  They are not brewing beer on site (making them a gastropub and not a brewpub) but a local brewery will be creating beers exclusively for them.
  • Le’s Cafe  lost their  lease inside the library (they’re the home of a fantastic Banh Mi which I will miss).  They will close on May 19th and will be replaced with a yet-unknown food provider.


  1. Roger N. Dominick says:

    No, not the bahn mi! Aw man…

  2. Kelklump says:

    I am really disappointed with Le’s Cafe closing. Sounds to me like it wasnt a choice for them. Any word on that? I am pretty disappointed.

  3. Kjfbw says:

    Still miss Pho Paris. It was our family’s go to for every celebration when it was open.

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