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March 28, 2012
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March 29, 2012

My friend Monika pointed me out to some really cool menus for sale on eBay— all from landmark Cincinnati restaurants, most of which are now closed.

  • Frisch’s Mt. Vernon
  • Iron Horse Inn in Glendale (looks to be from the 60s)
  • El Greco (I remember my mom talking about going there and I remember their campaign of “An Italian restaurant with a Spanish name…”
  • The Terrace Room
  • Beverly Hills Supper Club (a Playbill from 1950)
  • Shuller’s (on Reading, not the Wigwam on Hamilton)
  • Lookout House
  • The Blue Star
  • Tom House
  • Flame

I love old menus– they tell you so much about the people (and food) of a particular time period.  I want a bonded Manhattan for 80 cents! Or Planter’s Punch for 90 cents.


  1. cocobean says:

    Have you seen this –

  2. Tim Butz says:

    And the ads for El Greco called it “The El Greco.”  Drove me nuts.  What do you think “El” means?  I’d love to see the Beverly Hills Supper Club menu.

  3. JTM says:

    I have a book at home from 1980 that has various Cincinnati restaurants and recipes for some of their menu items. I can’t find much mention of it online except for an ad in Cincinnati magazine, who published the book:

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