Mullane’s Parkside Cafe Evicted

According to Mullane’s Facebook page, they were evicted from their space at 1222 Race Street.

From Ellen Faeth:

“but sadly, after investing in excess of $50,000 of my own money in this venture, today we were evicted because of an error in my calculations about how long I had to pay the rent……I accidentally paid it one day late, and they evicted me on those grounds.”

Court records show that this is not the first attempt at eviction by Faeth’s landlord: two prior evictions were dismissed.  Says landlord Mike Stehlin, “Ellen failed to meet many terms of her lease, not just rent.”  She has been ordered out of the building within 7 days.

Faeth has been attempting to reopen the restaurant since 2009.

  • Vince

    1 day late?  sounds fishy.

    • John Bronson

      I agree. Businesses – like homeowners, have payments that are due typically on the first of the month. Late fees are not assessed generally until the 15th of the month if payments have not been made by that point. But repeated violations of this 15 day grace period are frowned upon and can lead to a breach of the contract.

      Not to say that this would not have been a good venture – I was looking forward to seeing this come to fruition, but no business or resident is evicted because of a payment made one day late.

  • Josh Osborne

    I’ve never heard of anyone being evicted over being one day late on rent. Also, since when do you “calculate” your rent due date? Isn’t it the same day every month? 

  • Joe

    one day late – false

  • Watcher

    Evicted by CityKin aka Michael Stehlin??  He hasn’t posted anything on his site in weeks…

    • Jason

      I was going to say the same thing, Watcher. I thought 1222 was owned by Mike ala Citykin and he’s a super nice guy. Something doesn’t add up here…

      • Julie

        I’ve had similar good experiences with Mike, albeit limited to the blog-world..  I’ve reached out to him for comment.

        • DTF

          Lets face it, Cincinnati blows.

  • TastyPhlegm

    Highly doubtful that this individual was one day late in paying the rent and then evicted.  Probably the more likely story was that he was months behind in the rent and the landlord said, if you’re one day late in the next payment, you’ll face eviction.

    • Dalmatian

      Check out Ellen Faeth on  She gets evicted about every year.  This was a long run in her world.  

  • sonnyi

    apeal the attempted to pay. stand up for your rights.

  • Will Buswell

    This entire endevour was a failure from the very beginning. It was more of a hobby for Faeth than a serious attempt to run a business.

  • Really?

    Isn’t anyone curious as to why Ellen Faeth could never get a small cafe opened  in three years? All the canceled or rescheduled potlucks, breakfasts, etc. ? All the posts that said “close to being done!!!!” (October 2009). AND “We’re not ready yet, but just got a vendor’s license today” (April 2010).  AND “…think it’s time to just do it!!! Stay tuned for the date we will open for espresso, pastries, and artwork!!! (Feb. 2011) “Well, friends, the board of health came in and informed me yesterday,
    that I’m not allowed to brew, and sell coffee, until our license in
    finalized.” (April 2011).  “…turned in our building permit to the city, in order to get our new certif of occupancy” (july 2011).
    And lots more. If you read Mullane’s Facebook timeline from its September 2009 origin, it becomes apparent that it was a totally haphazard venture and that the relationship with her landlord had been rocky for a while (she trashes them in a recent post – “they both suck, and so do my former landlords, Mike and Catherine Stehlin…..”).

    I think this supports the questions as to the validity of her claim that she missed a rent payment by one day.

    • Vudutu

      Bingo! Loved Mullane’s food, would love to see it return, recipes intact, but this has been the the longest running return rumor/joke in town, ever, ever. 

      Odd side note, while looking for what I recall was their Gypsy soup
      recipe, I ran across this on

      “Mary Thomas – Egg-salad and bacon with thin slice of onion on with-in
      quality slices of toast. Served at Arnold’s Bar and Grill and Mullane’s
      Parkside Cafe, both of Cincinnati. I will have to ask Tarbell about the history on this one.”

      Great affordable family style food is hard to find, Mullane’s was great at it, our latest rediscovery is the antipasto salad at Campanello’s, split one, it is huge same with the Manicotti a la
      Danny with meat sauce. $21 buckolas. Great folks, fun, affordable food, It has been there since the 70s as I recall, so has the kitchen, I suggest you avoid looking.

  • Lesleyachapman

    Is this the same Mullanes that was there in the 90s??

  • Knightowl3072

    Trying to decide who is more foolish, the owner or the writer of this article.  Did you just graduate school?  Have you ever lived independently?  If so, you would know you can’t be evicted for paying your rent a day late.  Rubbish!

    • Julie

      I was quoting her.  I am aware that one can’t be evicted after one day’s late payment.  Her allegation, not mine.  Please read the rest of the article.

  • Ellen =’s SCAMMER

    She never paid any of her bills, was always Scamming People out of money and lying to everyone. 

    • Another bad old landlord

      She bought a building from me and it took three years to forclose and get her and her nine dogs out of the place. meanwhile she never paid, mortgage,taxes,insurance. She even had the gaul to tell me that If I would buy her another building of her choice she would move from the first building. She says one day__how about three years.

  • Angel Martin

    Watching the Mullane’s debacle unfold it soon became apparent that tha place would never see the light of day. Ellen Faeth couldn’t organize a one truck parade. 3 years and $50,000 to open a hole in the wall coffee shop? Give us a break.

  • Dalmatian

    total scammer.  she needs to go away and hide.   Mike is a stand up guy and there’s no way her beef is legit

  • Inthehood

    Mike and Catherine both are very excellent people and i am sure they gave her every opportunity to make this work.  It should not have taken more than a year to build out the space… She says she spent $50,000; not a realistic budget to open a restaurant.  So sad.  I loved the idea but apparently that was all it was.

  • Bags Packed

    Cincinnati does BLOW…where else would an article like this elicit such disproportionately passionate comments about a crappy restaurant closing. 

    • Aaron Ironwood

      It never opened. Buh-bye to you.