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May 3, 2012
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photo courtesy Tales of the Cocktail

It’s getting closer and closer to Tales of the Cocktail, my favorite event ever. Seriously. I missed going so much last year, and I’m so pleased to be attending this year.

I haven’t made this cocktail– yet– but this is the official cocktail of the 10th anniversary of Tales: the Rum Row Old Fashioned, created by Dominic Varnegas of NoMad in New York. An old fashioned is, of course, any drink made “the old fashioned way”: spirits, bitters, sugar and water. I can’t wait to try it out.


Old Fashioned glass


1.25 oz. El Dorado 12 year old Rum

.75 oz. Bank’s 5 Islands Rum

.25 oz. water

1 barspoon (tsp) of Muscovado sugar

1 dash Angostura orange bitters

1 drop Bittermen’s Burlesque bitter’s

Naval orange peel, squeezed over and dropped in.


Place 1 barspoon of Muscavado Sugar in an Old Fashioned glass. Drop orange and burlesque bitters in sugar, add .25 oz. water, and add 3-4 cubes of ice. Stir for about 5-7 seconds. Pour in .75 oz. Bank’s 5 Islands rum and 1.25 oz El Dorado 12 year old rum. Garnish with a Naval Orange peel.


  1. Steve Wilson says:

    “Seriously. I missed going so much this year, and I’m so pleased to be attending this year.”

    I’m guessing one of those years is either a last or next?  🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m so jealous!!!

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