Recipe: Yagoot Dark and Floaty

I love Yagoot.  I don’t like desserts that are too sweet (indeed, I have very little in the ways of a sweet tooth but salty potato chips had better watch out), and Yagoot’s tingly-tart creaminess is right up my alley.  My standard order is their Alligator Crunch and pineapple on either their Caramelized Pineapple, Coconut or regular Yagoot, depending on the season.

Yagoot approached me to come up with a recipe using their new Yagoot At Home products, and I warned them: “There will be booze.”  They were okay with that, so I think I’ve created the first officially sanctioned adult Yagoot treat.

Yagoot offers a float– they call it the Saylor– at their stores.  I thought I’d dress it up a bit and give it a cocktail edge.

The Dark and Stormy is a classic drink, and very simple:  rum, ginger beer and lime.  Take out the rum and add vodka, and it becomes a Moscow Mule.  This is the kind of drink that is perfect for this transitional time of year: it’s not quite Fall, but it doesn’t feel like summer.  You can use several different flavors of Yagoot to get this effect:  the caramelized pineapple (my very favorite) is excellent, as is the Vanilla Fig and the Original. If you don’t like ginger beer, this is delicious with cream soda and OYO Honey Vanilla or Stone Fruits vodka and Original Yagoot.

Yagoot Dark and Floaty

3 scoops Yagoot: Caramelized Pineapple, Vanilla Fig or Original

2 oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Ginger Beer (I like Fevertree or Gosling’s)

In a tall glass (I used a Pilsner glass; use whatever you like), drop in Yagoot scoops.  Pour in the rum, and top with ginger beer.  You’ll likely use about half an 8 oz bottle.  Pop in a straw and relive your childhood, but with a kick.  You wish you could have had this when you were a kid.

Yagoot Extra Creamy Soda

3 scoops Original Yagoot (or the Lemon-Blueberry would be nice; so would Strawberry)

Cream Soda (I use my own cream soda syrup and soda water)

2 oz OYO Honey Vanilla or Regular Vodka

Follow the same instructions as the Dark and Floaty.  You didn’t drink this as a kid, either.  Watch out: it could be dangerous.

The awesome folks at Yagoot provided enough Yagoot for me to complete these recipes (and several more).  My opinions are my own. Thanks for the opportunity, Yagoot!.

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