The Pie Wars Beginneth and Presidential Cookies

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October 5, 2012
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October 17, 2012

Remember last year’s Busken vs. Frisch’s pie wars? In case you don’t, here was my Thanksgiving post from last year.

It looks like Frisch’s is getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving a little early by costuming the Skinny Ghost cookie on the side of Busken’s building. What will Busken do in response?

My guess is that they’re pretty focused on the Presidential election, because I just got this package today:

which was filled with…


and for a close-up view:


Apparently, in the years Busken has been doing this, they’ve gotten within 2% of the electoral vote every time.  I am thinking voting would be way more fun if you made your decision by choosing a cookie.  And this isn’t just local: Busken’s making national news with their hand-made, bi-partisan cookies, too: CNN and FOX News have both done stories on the phenomenon. When Michelle Obama was in town, they did a custom version of the “skinny cookies” for the health-conscious first lady. Pretty cool. You can get these guys through the election, and I have to say: everyone wins with these cookies, because they are both equally delicious.


  1. Cappy says:

    Dick Sargent vs Snoop Dogg ?

  2. So are they just using the John Kerry template for all the faces or…?

  3. emily says:

    That’s a Busken ad, not a Frisch’s ad. Busken dressed THEIR cookie up like Big Boy. Not the other way around. You can tell because they’re using the building for the ad, Frisch’s uses the billboard next to the building. Plus the Boosken sign off.

    • Julie says:

      Nope, it’s a Frisch’s ad. Busken didn’t dress their cookie up– I say this only because I got a press release from the Frisch’s rep notifying me of the prank.

  4. Suz says:

    Why does the Obama cookie look like Duke Ellington…or maybe Cab Calloway? The Romney cookie definitely looks like Dick Sargent.

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