Zagat’s Top Ten

Really interesting list here– there are some notable omissions (in my opinion):

1) Jean-Robert Table (French)
2) Bakersfield (Mexican)
3) Orchids at Palm Court (American)
4) Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse (Steak)
5) Nicola’s (Italian)
6) Tony’s (Seafood/Steak)
7) Abigail Street (Mediterranean)
8) Jeff Ruby’s Precinct (Steak)
9) Jag’s Steak & Seafood (Seafood/Steak)
10) Morton’s (Steak)

I have no idea how Morton’s got on the list– they’re fine and all, but I can think of a dozen better restaurants that are actually Cincinnati-owned. I’d replace at least one Jeff Ruby restaurant with Local 127.

What’s missing on this list, in your opinion?

  • Kat

    I absolutely agree! Not to pick on Morton’s but we had a group that went there opening day for the Reds & had a horrible experience . I would much rather see a locally owned restaurant on this list than a chain personally.

    • Craig Hochscheid

      Had a very bad experience at Morton’s two weekends ago. it was busy but not packed and food took forever and a day to arrive; it took 45 minutes to get a half dozen oysters, among other issues. Disappointing.

  • C. Trent Rosecrans

    senate and agree on local 127

  • TJ Jackson


  • Bob Bobbins

    This post is slightly misleading.. You’ve copied this arbitrary list: For example, Morton’s ranks 5th of 17 steak houses, not 10th of (whatever this list is supposed to be).

    • Julie

      That’s the list they released as “top restaurants in Cincinnati”– aren’t all such lists arbitrary?

  • Trishb

    Last person I talked to that went to Jean-Robert for lunch said he’d never want to take anyone there for a business lunch again. To say he was disappointed with taking clients there would be an understatement. Didn’t even want to go try a different day/time.

  • Cincinnati_Lee

    I think Boca should be on the list. I really like Mirabelle’s as well!

  • makan

    Jag’s on the list? Pretty sad list

  • Paige P

    I don’t get the hype on table, maybe it’s the lack of french restaurants in cincinnati for comparison, but it’s pretty uninspiring to me.

  • Dan Mess

    Bakersfield is nice and everything but there are TWO better places in my neighborhood to get a taco: Django and Tacocracy. In general I’d question how very steak-heavy this list is. Restaurants that should be on this list: Boca, Honey, Riverside Korean, Local 127.

  • Suz

    Cincinnati has more than just steakhouses…half the list is comprised of steakhouses.

  • Margye

    Cincy is a sad restaurant town as evidenced by this list. I don’t see Emilia or Mayberry mentioned. They are the closest to interesting dining in the city.

    • Julie

      Both great places, but there are lots of other interesting options too. I don’t think the list is reflective of Cincinnati’s dining experience.