Winner, Winner, NYE Dinner!

We have our winners!

For 1 ticket: Heather (no last name, but email address present, yay!)
For 2 tickets: Matt PonkeyAw, Matt can’t go.  I had him pick a random number… and the winner is Amanda B!

Thanks for playing– guys, you’ll get an email from me momentarily. And you both must report back!

4 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, NYE Dinner!”

  • Man on man would I have loved to have gone 🙂 You didn’t show up in my blogger feed for some reason….congrats to the winners!

  • I’m very disappointed in the choice of Tricia Macke to host this event. I went online to buy VIP tickets for my husband and I, but when I saw their choice of host, I immediately decided against it. Choosing a woman who publicly spouted hate-filled homophobic statements is a terrible choice for a “new year” celebration. I’m surprised that 3CDC felt that Tricia Macke represented their organization.

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