Valentine’s Day at Abigail Street

When I heard about this, I wished I weren’t on a work trip.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that V-Day isn’t a big deal in our house. We go to Dixie Chili and call it a day.  I’ll be in New Jersey for a work trip, so still– no real big deal.  Except I’m missing out on this dinner.

Jose Salazar and Dan Wright are collaborating on a special, 9-course dinner on Valentine’s Day at Abigail Street.  They’ll be alternating courses, and each course will be from a different Mediterranean cuisine.  They’re seating between 6-7, and $150 gets you all 9 courses plus wine pairings (and some of their killer  baklava).  Get your reservations soon by calling Abigail Street at 421-9040 or emailing

And if you go, tell me how it was!


  • JohnCrenshaw

    Hey Julie, if anybody wants to get in touch with them that number is 513-421-4040. I was wondering if it’s $150/person or for a couple. It’s per person.

    • Julie

      Thanks, John!

  • Guest

    Wow, $150 per PERSON? Even at the The Palace, I don’t think we ever paid more than that for two people. I get that it’s nine courses, but that’s quite a stab to the wallet. And because Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly the best time to “go Dutch,” that means a $300 commitment for one person. Is table-side financing available? ;)

    • Julie

      That’s about the same price for a tasting menu at Orchids.

      • Christopher Dooley

        Not quite. It’s $65 per person at Orchids, $95 with pairings.

        • Julie

          That’s for 6 courses. You can add more. The price goes up.